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Red Bull team boss: & # 34; Sebastian had a 20 percent chance & # 34;

Red Bull
Red Bull team boss Christian Horner
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Two titles in seven days. How important is this success for you personally?
H orner: Together with the Constructors' Cup last week, this is the greatest Day of my career and my life. I am proud to lead this team. We put together a team that has won two titles and nine races. It's also nice that Mr. Mateschitz is here today. The first drivers title is sure to be a very special moment for him.

It looked as if you already knew what happened in Brazil when you faced a Stable direction for Mark Webber.
Horner: It would be just wrong to change things artificially. We have always said that we have two drivers in the championship who are close to each other and it's just not the Red Bull way to change things from the outside. We support both equally and it would not be good if we deprived either of them of the opportunity. Sebastian actually had a smaller chance than Mark, but he delivered the performance under great pressure. He was more relaxed than any of us this weekend. He just did the job.

He almost won the last four races of the season if it weren't for the engine failure in Korea.
Horner: He seems to like this late phase in the World Cup more than the beginning. I am just so proud of him. He's still young, he's a real team player, he's an intelligent driver, has a great character and is simply a deserved world champion.

It was Certainly not easy to lead the team this season.
Horner: No, there were some hot moments. But that happens when you have two fast guys and a great team. We have never lost our focus and determination. For me it's simply the best team in the world.

How good did you really assess your chances of the World Cup?
Horner: With Mark we expected a 30 percent chance. With Sebastian it was only 20 percent. We did it because we withstood the pressure and Sebastian showed the performance of his life.

Why did you decide to pit Mark Webber?
Horner: Mark's tires were exhausted. Even the rim was damaged. He hungstuck behind Fernando and was at the end of the line. We had nothing more to lose and decided that we should try something. We saw a gap that we put him in and that put Ferrari under pressure. They decided to counter him with both cars. It was a risk, but with Mark's position we had to take a risk. This has already paid off for Mark in Hungary and Singapore, just like in Monza with Sebastian. We played a little bit of poker today. Unfortunately there was no wage for Mark, but there was for Sebastian. It's incredible. But we mustn't forget Mark Webber on this day. He did a fantastic job today and had a great season. We're proud of him too.

Why couldn't Mark Webber attack Fernando Alonso?
Horner: He's never on the straights Got close enough and then we tried the strategy. Ferrari has followed suit.

Do you think that was a mistake by Ferrari?
Horner: In retrospect you will surely say that it was wrong . But we've already given Ferrari enough points this year. So it doesn't matter if we get a few back.

When did you notice in the race that the big thing is possible here?
Horner : That was about 25-30 laps to go. You could see it happening. Then we only thought about the reliability and the bad luck we already had. We looked at the telemetry and whenever a driver has reported on the radio, one hopes not to hear the word 'problem'. At the end you just count down the lap countdown: 25, 20, 10, 9 ... and it just kept going. That was fantastic.


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