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Red Bull tactics not consistent: Ricciardo sacrificed for Verstappen?

Red Bull tactics inconsistent
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I n the last 6 races it was at Red Bull Routine. We attack Mercedes with a different tactic. From the Malaysia GP on it became apparent that Ferrari had no more chances in the fight for the runner-up title. And in the previous race in Singapore, Red Bull had discovered that the Mercedes could not be approached with the same strategy. There was a bit of risk and gambling obvious.

That is why Red Bull used the tactic in the final: all or nothing. Whereby the nothing was mostly the second best place behind Mercedes. Only in Abu Dhabi did Ferrari get more points. But the trick against Mercedes only worked once. Right on the first try in Malaysia. And only because Lewis Hamilton's engine burst. In Suzuka, Austin, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Abu Dhabi, the Silver Arrows could not be cracked even with a risk strategy.

n had retracted brake plates. “It wasn't bad,” replied the third place in the World Cup. “Nothing compared to what happened to me later with the second sentence in the duel with Kimi.”

Team advisor Helmut Marko, on the other hand, speaks plainly: “We brought Daniel into the pits too early. It was a mistake to react to Raikkonen's pit stop. The supersoft tires would have lasted significantly longer. Verstappen showed it. Then Ricciardo ruined his tires in a duel with Raikkonen. “

When Ricciardo was called for the first pit stop, he was 19 seconds ahead of Verstappen. Unlike his team-mate, he would have had a clear run after the Ferrari were out of the way. Ricciardo was in the lead, Verstappen in the middle of the field.

Imagine how much higher the pressure on Rosberg would have been had Red Bull done the logical thing. The Australian tried hard to hide his anger after the race: “The pit stop came much too early. Generally I have to say. We made too many pit stops this season. ”


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