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Red Bull tactics: does Vettel have to drive for Webber?

Red Bull World Cup tactics
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F or for Sebastian Vettel, the engine failure in Korea was in a double sense A defeat. The German would have taken the World Cup lead with a win, seven points ahead of Fernando Alonso and eleven points over Mark Webber. So the Heppenheimer dropped to fourth place, and the score tells anyone who can count that Red Bull now has to put his cards on Webber.

No clear statements at Red Bull

Webber is eleven points behind Alonso, and Vettel is already 25. Team boss Christian Horner doesn't make a clear statement: 'The race in Korea showed how fast the World Cup can turn. There were three different World Cup leaders in three different phases of the race. We were cruelly torn from our high spirits after the Suzuka one-two. What happened in Korea can also happen in Brazil. Who tells us whether this World Cup will tip over again? The title will only be awarded in the last round in Abu Dhabi. '

At least Horner admitted that you have to count on Red Bull now. 'We'll first sit down at home, do the math and then make our decision depending on the racing situation.' Vettel can only defend himself against swapping places on command if a car is between him and Webber. Nonetheless, the new fourth place in the World Championship does not give up: 'I will fight to the end.'

Whitmarsh doubts the clear direction of approach

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh is in a similar situation. Jenson Button's chances are only theoretical with 42 points behind. 'With us the tactics are obvious. But we don't really have to tell our drivers anything. Button will offer his help to Hamilton voluntarily. Because he knows that we have treated him fairly all year. And because he knows that only him another miracle can save. '

Whitmarsh is not so sure about Red Bull. 'The logic says that all cards are placed on Webber. But the heart beats for Vettel in this team. There has been so much unrest at Red Bull that I can not imagine a clear message from the team.'


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