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Red Bull struggles with brakes: Toro Rosso the new A-Team

Daniel Reinhard
Red Bull struggles with brakes
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E s was a great team success. Four cars with the red bull in their logo ranged from 7th to 10th: Toro Rosso - Toro Rosso - Red Bull - Red Bull. Toro Rosso celebrated. Team principal Franz Tost: 'I'm proud of my team and my drivers.'

Only Red Bull couldn't laugh. From the perspective of a World Cup candidate, three points are lean foods. But Red Bull is as far away from the World Cup as it was in 2008. Toro Rosso was better then too. In the World Cup, the junior partner is 12:11 points ahead of Red Bull. That borders on an insult to majesty.

Team boss Christian Horner did not look for excuses, even if there were explanations for the result. 'We had problems with the brakes. They got too hot, especially in traffic. As a result, the tires also suffered. The loss of grip was extremely high. For us the race was a survival trip.'

Ricciardo lost 30 downforce points

In addition, there were enemy contacts. Daniil Kvyat damaged his RB11 in a collision with Nico Hulkenberg. Daniel Ricciardo battered the front wing of Nico Rosberg's Mercedes in the crowd at the start. The number 3 Red Bull lost 30 points of downforce. So the Australian fought with his back to the wall.

Red Bull briefly considered swapping the front wing, but rejected the idea. 'The lap times stabilized for a while. That's why we were afraid of losing more time through the change than on the track. Looking back, maybe we should have done it,' said Horner.

At least there was at the front of the engine Relaxation. Team advisor Helmut Marko breathed a sigh of relief: 'The software is back to the test drive status. We were able to use the full power. In Melbourne we had to reduce the power by 80 hp in order to be able to drive at all.'

At the same time, the Austrian shoots at the regulations: 'With the stupid token rule it is impossible to catch up with our deficit within one season.' And how does the more flexible engine feel in the cockpit? 'Better, but still in need of improvement,' grins Ricciardo.

Toro Rosso already has the short nose

But Red Bull also has to touch its own nose. The result is no accident. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz have the experience of four GP starts together. But they finished in front of a three-time GP winner and a driver whoalready has a GP season under his belt. Red Bull operates on twice the budget of ToroRosso. The time difference in qualifying, however, spoke only minimally for Red Bull.

Sainz was the only one alongside winner Sebastian Vettel with two pit stops over the distance. 'Impossible for us,' admitted Horner. Since both teams have the same engine, that leaves only one conclusion: the Toro Rosso STR10 is the better car at the moment. He already has the shorter nose. Red Bull not yet. So far, the crash test has been an insurmountable hurdle.

Toro Rosso Technical Director James Key promises: 'Our nose is getting even shorter.' It's called by four centimeters. At Red Bull, aero development has come to a standstill because everything depends on the concept of the short nose. 'When the new parts arrive, we'll take a significant step,' promises Marko.


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