Red Bull secret: is the miracle exhaust coming?

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D his request makes all Red Bull opponents nervous. The world championship team asked the other teams to be able to use a different chassis on Saturday. The request was granted. With a queasy feeling in my stomach. Everyone knows that the star designer will unpack his latest ideas on Saturday.

Mark Webber has already made us hot: 'Watch what comes tomorrow.' Team advisor Helmut Marko now confirms: 'Yes, a bigger package is coming.' When asked what exactly one should expect, the Austrian keeps a low profile. Just this: 'Assume that the exhaust will be in a different place.'

Will the secret of the mailbox slot be revealed?

Will the secret of where the air is going will also be revealed on Saturday that disappears into the mailbox slot in front of the cockpit? 'Didn't we agree that we should blow the air into the cockpit,' replies Marko with a meaningful smile. In other words: if you take a closer look tomorrow, you might know more.

Using a second chassis saves Red Bull time. The mechanics in the factory were able to convert the car to the new version in peace. If that had happened to the operational chassis in Barcelona, ​​the fitters would have had to work all night. Modern cars are so complicated that upgrading to a different specification can take days.

Williams team manager Dickie Stanford reveals: 'It took us a day and a half to convert the car from the Jerez stand to the Barcelona stand.' Mark Webber adds: 'This generation of cars is not designed to be service-friendly. Since the Parc fermé, conversion from Saturday to Sunday is no longer allowed.

Marko: Red Bull updates work

Of course, the engineers have incorporated this gift into the design. Everything is more compact, the innards more difficult to access. ' Team advisor Marko expects Red Bull to keep its number one position: 'We have had a solid base since 2009. We are developing step by step on this basis. We can rely on our tools. Everything that comes to our car works . '

Nevertheless, the 68-year-old from Graz admits that the competition has probably come closer. You have to watch out for McLaren the most. 'It's no wonder. They're copying us hard.' Maybe Red Bull can do a little more tomorrowGet air.


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