Red Bull Road Trip 2018: F1 tour of the USA

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Red Bull Road Trip 2018
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D is the Red Bull Formula 1 team known for its crazy actions. The group from Milton Keynes has already carried out show drives with old F1 racing cars in many cities around the world. Even over snow-covered alpine slopes and sandy Caribbean beaches, the racers with the energy drink logo are already racing. But with the latest action, those responsible have finally shot the bird.

Just in time for the summer break, Daniel Ricciardo went on a road trip through the western United States, which many thousands of tourists do every year. The program included numerous sights that are known all over the world. Except that Ricciardo was not traveling in a normal rental car, but in the Red Bull RB7, with which Sebastian Vettel clinched his second world title in 2011.

From the tunnel to the Golden Gate

Red Bull
The start of the road Trips. Ricciardo had packed his steering wheel in his little case.

In the best James Bond fashion, the tour started deep underground. The Baker Berry Tunnel, completed in 1918 at the gates of San Francisco, provided the perfect backdrop for the entry scene. The newly renovated underpass runs straight under the hill country of the rocky Pacific coast.

Between the side pedestrian sections remains In the shaft, which is barely five meters wide, there is only one lane for motorized vehicles. Pedestrian traffic was briefly stopped for the filming. In the 720-meter-long tube, passers-by's eardrums would have had no chance against Renault's naturally aspirated V8.

Only a few meters from the tunnel, the two pillars of the Golden Gate Bridge protrude227 meters high in the sky. Of course, Ricciardo didn’t miss the trip over what is probably the most famous bridge in the world. Because the 800 hp F1 racer couldn't simply swim with the usual traffic, one of the two lanes was quickly closed.

Pit stop at Oakland Bay Bridge

Red Bull
Usually drive every day nearly 300,000 cars over the Oakland Bay Bridge. That day it was probably a little less.

The Bay of San Francisco is also spanned by the significantly longer Oakland Bay Bridge, which often something is in the shadow of the Golden Gate. The mighty bridge with a total length of more than 8 kilometers deserves a little more attention. After all, more than twice as many cars use the gray sister of the Golden Gate for the crossing to Oakland every day.

Five lanes are usually available on two decks stacked on top of each other in each direction of travel. Thanks to the help of the administration in San Francisco, the entire upper platform was quickly closed to normal traffic for the Red Bull Showrun. Ricciardo doesn't just dash across the bridge once. In the middle, the Australian made a short pit stop, during which all four tires were changed.

Then we went through the business district to the old harbor district. Because the action was not publicly announced beforehand, only a few onlookers turned up at the roadside. The loud horsepower show on the public streets in the morning may have roused some residents of the metropolis from their sleep. Finally, a few more pictures were taken at the cable car terminus. And then we went out of town.

Red Bull in the Wild West

Red Bull
Full throttle through the prairie. Monument Valley served as a spectacular backdrop for the Red Bull show ride.

As it should be for a proper US West Coast tour, it was also written a national park on the program. Red Bull let his RB7 race through the impressive prairie landscape of Monument Valley, which has been used as a backdrop for numerous western films. Here, the highways meander picturesquely through the famous table mountains made of sandstone and limestone to the horizon.

At the end of the road trip, Ricciardo took another lap through the gamblers paradise of Las Vegas. The RB7 was even equipped with LED spotlights for the night drive over the legendary Strip. We don't need to mention that the streets were closed for the show run here too. In the end, Ricciardo parked his company car in front of the luxury hotel & casino 'Aria', which ended the spectacular journey.

In the gallery we show you the fascinating photos of the Red Bull road trip with Daniel Ricciardo.


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