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Red Bull RB9: is Newey building his ninth world champion car?

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Red Bull RB9 for 2013
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A drian Newey dominates Formula 1. In the past For 20 years, cars that were designed by the star designer, who always looked a bit gnarled, collected more than 100 Grand Prix races - despite the Schumi era at Ferrari. The 54-year-old made five different pilots world champion. With Williams, McLaren and Red Bull, he collected a total of eight driver and constructor titles. Will the Red Bull RB9 be its ninth masterpiece?

The title defense project in 2013 will certainly not be a sure-fire success. Since Vettel's march in 2011, the team from Milton Keynes' lead has steadily shrunk. In the battle for the world title, it was above all the combination of a reliable Ferrari and Fernando Alonso that caused Red Bull tremors right up to the finish line in Sao Paulo. McLaren, too, often had the faster car in 2012.

Formula 1 is pushing itself closer together

Newey does not expect the task to be any easier in the coming year. 'There have been no major changes in the regulations since the major reform in 2009. And if the rules remain the same for four years and technical freedoms are restricted more and more, then the field automatically becomes closer and closer.'

The situation is frustrating for the designers. With less freedom and movement in the regulations, you can hardly make bigger jumps over the winter. Today the design office has to work hard for every little step forward. 'The effort is getting bigger and bigger, the profit on the clock decreasing. You build extensive update packages that bring a manageable leap in time at the end,' says Newey. Since the distances between the cars are getting smaller and smaller, small improvements can ultimately make the difference.

In recent years Newey has had to tear down again and again: double diffuser, F-shaft, blown diffuser, flexible wings and double DRS went into the bin. Does Newey have another brilliant idea in the quiver for 2013? Traditionally, there are no big announcements from the designer over the winter. Despite a few striking technical strokes of genius, the Briton has only been talking about evolutions since the RB6.

Will the Red Bull RB9 arrive late?

That Red Bull will be around until the season finale Fighting for the title wasn't exactly helpful for the development of the new Vettel racer. The old RB8 had to be further developed until the last race. TheProject RB9 fell by the wayside, as Newey revealed to the magazine Autosport.

'To be honest, that affected the schedule for the new car more than we would have liked,' says the designer. 'That was the right step, because in the end we achieved the goal, but it means a busy winter to catch up.' It is not yet known when Red Bull will present its new car. Recently there were some rumors in England that you could still compete with the old car at the first test in Jerez (5th-8th February).

All Newey world champion cars in the gallery

fans shouldn't worry too much, even if there are small delays. Newey has been in the business for more than 30 years and knows how to deal with situations like this. Even at university, the amateur racing driver was a technical talent. He completed his studies in aeronautical engineering in Southampton with the highest distinction.

Immediately afterwards, the then 22-year-old got a job with the Fittipaldi team. Through various racing series, Newey came to Formula 1 with March at the end of the 80s, where he became Technical Director for the first time. Other stations before he switched to Red Bull were the top teams Williams and McLaren.

In our gallery we once again show you all the Newey cars that made it to Formula 1 world championship titles.


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