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Red Bull puts pressure: Ricciardo switch to McLaren?

Red Bull
Ricciardo switch to McLaren?
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B Daniel Ricciardo was able to make the decision about his future still look relatively relaxed. But things are getting serious for the Australian, whose Red Bull contract expires at the end of the year. His racing team made things clear about the engine ahead of time. Now they also want to tackle the driver question quickly.

Red Bull wants Ricciardo to be clear

'I'm not yet under pressure, but I expect them to be up next week will come over to talk about a new contract, ”said the much sought-after driver before the race in France. “I didn't set a deadline for myself. But I'd like to get it all wrapped up before the summer break so that I can relax in peace and not have to keep answering the phone. ”

The number of teams that Ricciardo could consider has increased apparently expanded. Originally it was thought that only a change to the World Cup candidates Ferrari or Mercedes would make sense. But neither of them showed burning interest in the end. Mercedes assumes that Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will extend their contracts. And at Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and Kimi Räikkönen seem to take the place next to Sebastian Vettel.

Will Ricciardo move to midfield?

But Ricciardo still sees alternatives: “There are other teams who have shown interest in a commitment, ”the Perth man grinned meaningfully. “If I can't be world champion, then I don't really care whether I finish third or fifth.” The teams that asked the 28-year-old apparently included McLaren and Renault.

With McLaren depends a lot on Fernando Alonso's decision: 'If he really should leave Formula 1, you can use an experienced driver.' There has not yet been a written offer. But the driver's management has already started discussions. “There is always a lot of talk. You sit down for a coffee or a Red Bull, ”Ricciardo tried to iron out the subject.

But why does Ricciardo want a winning team to move into midfield? 'I liked the way Lewis did it,' is one of the reasons. Hamilton had switched from McLaren to Mercedes, where he initially worked in the second row for a few years. “Lewis said he knew how Mercedes would develop. I don't know if thattrue, or whether it wasn't a bit of luck. ”

Ricciardo team leader at McLaren?

Apparently Ricciardo also trusts McLaren or Renault to make a similar leap forward. “They are not ready yet. But maybe in three to four years. So you have to think carefully about it. But I would like the role of team leader. ”

Staying with Red Bull is still an option:“ After the Honda deal, I'm first trying to get information about the opportunities from Red Bull in the future. But the thought of something new is also appealing. The grass always seems greener somewhere else. But I don't want to just switch to switching. The most important factor is the car. ”

Even if he should leave his team, Ricciardo does not want to tear bridges. The new contract should not run for longer than two years because the next major regulatory reform is due in 2021. The man from Down Under is torn. “It's the second hardest decision of my life. The hardest one was at the beginning of my career when I went to Europe from Australia. That was a big risk. But I had the firm belief that I would make it. '


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