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Red Bull only third force again: Better, but not good enough

Red Bull only third force again
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R ed Bull has invested a seven-figure sum in an upgrade , which one could confidently call a B version. Maybe not outwardly, but certainly in terms of the overall package. 'The important changes are under the cladding,' confirmed Motorsport Director Helmut Marko. The aim of the show of strength was to close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari in one lap. Over a race distance, the Red Bulls were already a threat to the two works teams at the first four Grand Prix.

If you take the bare lap times as a yardstick, then Red Bull has missed its target. At least on a route like Barcelona. Lewis Hamilton's pole position was out of reach. Max Verstappen missed it by 0.643 seconds. Sebastian Vettel in the faster of the two Ferrari also had a clear lead with 0.511 seconds.

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He would have liked a little more training time. Verstappen had to stop the third session early because the electrics of the Renault engine resented the fact that he had pressed the overtaking button when attempting to start. The Red Bull mechanics only finished their repair work 8 minutes after the start of training. “That was definitely not the ideal way to qualify. With more laps in the third practice session, I would have learned more about the tires. ”

Verstappen and Ricciardo are placing their hopes on the race. You dominated the long runs on all tire types on Friday. “The upgrades felt better than on a lap on Saturday.” Red Bull hopes that the tires will wear out more on Sunday in the heat of the battle and become a problem for the teams whose cars are eating more tire rubber. “If that doesn't happen,” Ricciardo fears, “then we'll all drive one behind the other in the race. First on the soft, then on the medium tires. “


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