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Red Bull on Ice: Red Bull show on ice falls into the water

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Red Bull on Ice
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U nter the motto' The Frozen One ', Red Bull wanted -Talent Sebastien Buemi actually giving the Canadians a good show on the frozen rowing course right next to the Montreal Grand Prix course. But the elaborately prepared campaign had to be canceled at the last second due to the thaw.

Red Bull was not impressed by the mild temperatures and simply moved to more northerly regions. At the Clearwater Lakes one found the hoped-for winter wonderland on which the great snow break could rise. A replica of the Circuit de Gille Villeneuve was quickly created on the ice and Sebastien Buemi really let it rip.

With spiked tires over lakes and slopes

Bridgestone supplied special tires for the Red Bull RB5 into which small spikes were laboriously worked into by hand. Two tire technicians were busy for 16 hours inserting a total of 2,016 metal pins into the double rubber surface of the four rain tires. The Japanese tire supplier used a special compound for the custom-made product, which is supposed to provide grip even at low temperatures.

Before that, Buemi had already skidded over the real Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. On the snow-covered slope, he plowed several laps around the course with his Red Bull. The young Swiss is unlikely to have secured unfair advantages for the Grand Prix in June. Some Canadian fans should have come by now. After all, Buemi speaks fluent French and English.


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