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Red Bull is back: Ricciardo with more confidence in the car

Red Bull is back
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E You can finally see smiling faces again at Red Bull. Daniel Ricciardo placed his car in fourth place on the grid. Just 0.035 seconds behind Sebastian Vettel. Daniil Kvyat starts from seventh position. The starting position was so good for Red Bull recently in Monte Carlo. With one crucial difference: the car is significantly better than it was two months ago.

Ricciardo confirms: 'Our car felt good from the first lap on. I didn't have to do much with the setup. The qualification -Lap was good. I don't know where I could have made up the time on Seb. ' Ricciardo also expects a close race with Ferrari in the race: 'I have a fresh set of soft tires in my back. That could be an advantage.' Statistics also speak for the Australian. He starts in the same place as last year. And there he won.

Since Silverstone there has been life in the car

The tie with Ferrari shows: Red Bull has caught up massively in the last few races. Ricciardo names several reasons why the world is looking better for Red Bull again. 'The track and the heat help us. The car likes this layout, where one curve follows the other. The high temperatures play our part because we can manage the tires better than others.'

But the RB11 has also stepped up a gear. 'The latest upgrades have finally ignited here. It's a whole new life in the car. It's better over the bumps and when turning. I have a lot more confidence in the car.' Vettel has also already registered this: 'Red Bull already took a step forward at Silverstone.'

Don't worry about further piston damage

The modifications concern the front wing, the baffles under the nose and the air duct through the front axle. Apparently, star designer Adrian Newey has finally found the key to optimally guiding the air around the front wheels with the front wing, which has been only 1.65 meters wide since 2014. This means that the flow to the diffuser and rear wing is better, and the technicians no longer have to make compromises with the front wing adjustment. The understeer in slow corners and oversteer in the fast corners has disappeared.

GPS measurements show that Renault is releasing more power in Hungary than in the previous races. Since the French have no new sources of powerStart, the intervention must have taken place via the software. Ricciardo's engine failure on Friday doesn't seem to bother anyone. 'It was an old unit. Apparently the same defect as in Bahrain,' reveals Ricciardo. So a piston damage. 'The Renault people are certain that he will no longer appear on the younger engines.'


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