Red Bull in Valencia with F-slot

Formula 1 technology: F-shaft festival in Valencia
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V alencia is the ideal Section for the F-shaft. The cars reach speeds of more than 280 km /h on a total of five passages. And the full throttle sections are long. At the same time, the fastest street circuit in the world requires a lot of downforce. Anyone who masters the trick with the stall on the rear wing like McLaren has the choice. Either I invest in more top speed or in more downforce due to the steeper angle of attack of the wing.

In addition to McLaren, Sauber and Ferrari also belonged to the permanent F-shaft league in the last races. Red Bull, Force India, Mercedes and Williams have tried the system every now and then in training, but have expanded it just as often. Valencia was the next attempt. 'But here we need him more than ever,' demanded Sebastian Vettel in view of the track characteristics.

Red Bull opts for F-shaft

After hours of data analysis, Red Bull decided yesterday night that the system will be used for the first time in the race in Valencia. The top speed is rather modest. 'The Ferraris are still six km /h faster than us on the straight,' cursed Vettel.

Williams could not come to a decision after the first two training sessions. Rubens Barrichello was satisfied with the system, Nico Hulkenberg was not. 'Nico is having trouble closing the hole in the cockpit properly. It works with Rubens. Maybe it's because Rubens has grown shorter and can better put his knee on the hole.' If the driver cannot completely close the circuit, then the necessary air will not reach the rear wing to significantly disrupt the flow.

Williams tests in free practice

That is why Sam Michael declared the third practice session on Saturday morning to be another test drive: 'On our first exit, we activate the F-slot the second we try it without, and with the third we drive what is better for us. ' There are still problems with Williams to precisely activate and deactivate the stall. Before qualifying, the decision was finally made: Barrichello will drive the system, H├╝lkenberg is using the conventional variant.

At Force India, on the other hand, they are completely happy with the F-shaft test in Valencia . 'It definitely brought something and stays on it with both cars,' explained Adrian Sutilafter the second training session. 'I was hoping we could fix this and it seems to be working.' According to Sutil, the rear wing trick should make the car around six km /h faster on the straight.


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