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Red Bull hopes for the race: & # 34; We're missing some juice in qualifying & # 34;

Red Bull hopes for the race
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I m long run on Friday Daniel Riccardo drove in a Ferrari Level. On one lap he was only one second short of the Mercedes. Toro Rosso also seemed a sure candidate for the top ten in qualifying. In the end, only Daniel Ricciardo made it into Q3. Daniil Kvyat, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz finished 12th, 13th and 14th.

There were no technical problems at Red Bull. The trouble with braking from Friday was gone. The brake ventilation was covered too much. The defect in the MGU-K drive in Kvyat's Renault engine could also be repaired before the final training session. Therefore the yield in the crucial part of the training was disappointing. Like Ricciardo's 1.8 seconds behind the Mercedes.

Red Bull is good for a miracle cure

Ricciardo had a simple explanation for his seventh place on the grid: 'On Saturday we will be lacking the juice . It seems as if Mercedes and Ferrari could mobilize more power if necessary. So we are handicapped for one lap. But our speed in the race makes me confident. '

The Australian confirmed the statements of team advisor Helmut Marko , after which the performance curve of the Renault engine flattens noticeably in the upper speed range. 'Somehow, there is not much left. That was the case last year.'

In return, Ricciardo was satisfied with the improvements to the car. 'The little aero upgrade and the improvements in the drivability of the engine have helped. The power when accelerating is easier to control. That improves traction. And our car is better balanced in the fast corners.'

Last year's World Cup third-placed hopes that Renault will find better performance by the start of the European season and that the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari can then be closed with the major aero facelift: 'If there is a team that can do a miracle cure can do it, then ours. We have the right people to do it. Ferrari did it, and there's no reason why we can't do it. '


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