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Red Bull helps Vettel: Ricciardo slows Force India pilots

Red Bull helps Vettel in GP Canada 2017
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A ls Max Verstappen in the first corner Sebastian Vettel's front wing shaved, the race for victory for the Heppenheimer was over. After the repair stop on lap 6, he fell back to the end of the field. But as if Red Bull wanted to make up for the mishap at the start, Vettel's ex-team diligently helped with the damage limitation.

Vettel could have lost well more than 13 points to Hamilton. But when Verstappen rolled out in lap 11, the World Cup leader had already won a position without a fight that he would probably not have made up on his own. “We suspect some electrical problem with the hybrid battery. The entire power supply failed, ”Horner explained after the race.

Verstappen on the way to 2nd place

It was Verstappen's third retirement in the last five races. “That fits this season. Nothing comes together, ”the Dutchman complained to the reporters afterwards into the microphones. Horner practiced gallows humor: “Fortunately, the radio has also failed. Otherwise you would have heard more hearty curses. ”

The team manager tried to rebuild his protégé. “His frustration is quite understandable. Max was fast all weekend. He got off to a great start, pushing his way past Sebastian with a brave and perfectly timed maneuver. And with his speed he could have held the second position against Valtteri if the pit stops had gone normally. It was a shame that he was eliminated so early. ”

Ricciardo in defense mode

So Daniel Ricciardo had to get the coals out of the fire. However, the Australian couldn't quite match the speed of his younger team-mate all weekend. And then he was put on the slow soft tires. “We wanted to defend third place on the track with an early stop,” said Horner, explaining the strategy decision.

“We made a conservative choice in order to get the tire through to the end. However, it didn't make his work easier that afternoon. But it must also be said that Perez and Ocon showed very good pace. This shows again how important the engine is on such a track. ”

With Ricciardo in front of their noses, both Force India and Kimi Raikkonen were slowed down. Horner does not believethat a change of place would have helped the pursuers. “Ocon couldn't get past Perez on his own either. That's why he would have had a hard time against Daniel. '

Red Bull progress thanks to Adrian Newey

The beneficiary was Vettel. Already in lap 47, the World Cup leader had found connection to the train. When he realized he wasn't passing, he decided to make a second pit stop. The engineers calculated that he would be back on fresher tires 8 laps before the checkered flag. And so it happened.

With the crowbar, it first passed Ocon on lap 65, two laps later Perez was also due. Only Ricciardo no longer grabbed Vettel. 0.6 seconds were missing on the finish line. “I was missing a lap,” said the Heppenheim resident. “Maybe I should have made the second stop a little earlier. Then it might have been enough. '

This is how Ricciardo celebrated the third podium in a row for Red Bull. Horner sees a clear upward trend in his team:' We have now solved some problems with the correlation. We now know which tools we can trust in development. We have made noticeable progress in the last three races. The gap to the front continues to close. '

One factor in solving the problems was design guru Adrian Newey:' He wasn't involved in the development in winter. But since the tests in Barcelona he has increased his commitment significantly. Unfortunately, advances in the engine area cannot be made so quickly. I hope that the third engine will come in Austria and do a little more. Our petrol partners also help in the search for power. We step on the gas in all areas. “


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