Red Bull has to rebuild brake ventilation

Red Bull in the FIA ​​visor again
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F Red Bull is going to be sticky. After the holes in the floor, holes in the ventilation system of the front brakes had to disappear. Just a week before the Canadian GP, ​​the FIA ​​had decided that the holes in the underbody in front of the rear wheels, as interpreted by Red Bull, were illegal.

The defending champions could have simply eliminated the problem. Had they made a fine slit from the hole to the outer edge of the floor, like Sauber and Ferrari they would have been in the green. Because the hole is then, by definition, a slot. Red Bull preferred to simply close the holes in Montreal.

Red Bull abuses brake ventilation

The case with the front brake ventilation is even more complicated. The ventilation shafts are also misused by all engineers as an aerodynamic aid. Wings and baffles grow out of the ventilation shafts everywhere. The FIA ​​tolerates that.

But Red Bull went a step too far. The air duct inside the system has been used as an aerodynamic aid. According to the regulations, the air that enters the cooling ducts is intended exclusively for cooling the discs and the brake calipers.

Red Bull diverted part of the cooling air to improve the aerodynamics around the front wheels. It was fed through two channels, one directly into the rim holes and the other into the wheel hub. The rulers interpret this as a mobile aerodynamic aid.

FIA orders the air duct to be modified

Red Bull claimed, the arrangement should cool the wheel bearings. There is also an exception for brake ventilation. They are not covered by mobile aerodynamic aids. Adrian Newey and his engineers could not score points with the association.

The diverted air aims far past the announced destination. A voice from the FIA: 'Everything is cooled, except the wheel bearings.' As it turned out, Red Bull had been using this arrangement since the start of the season. It was enough for the FIA ​​commissioners that Red Bull converted the innovative brake cooling system for the race in Montreal. The supply lines inside the brake were simply plugged with bolts.

In our exclusive technology video, we show you exactly how the trick works. We have the explanations of the individual details in thePicture gallery.


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