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Red Bull goes swimming in the rain: That's why the fuel was running low

Red Bull goes for a swim in the rain
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D he many fans dressed in orange couldn't believe their eyes. When the track in Spa got drier and drier after a short shower at the end of the session, her favorite Max Verstappen turned into the pits. While the local hero got out of the car, the two Force India and Haas driver Romain Grosjean pulled past effortlessly in the final minutes.

'We just ran out of fuel,' shrugged Verstappen. “When the rain suddenly set in at the beginning of the session, we were one of the best organized of all the teams. But that didn't help us in the end. Quite the opposite. ”Red Bull tried to get both of their cars back on the track on intermediate tires as quickly as possible before the rain completely flooded the track.

Rain poker doesn't work

The strategists decided not to refuel the cars again. “At the time it seemed like the right move. As with Sebastian (Vettel) in Budapest, ”explained Daniel Ricciardo. Verstappen added: 'Our weather forecast forecast persistent rain.'

When Red Bull went on the hunt for times, the most water was on the track.

But that turned out to be a fallacy. The rain subsided. Ricciardo saw the disaster coming when he was on his lap back to the pits: “The moisture rose from the asphalt as water vapor. It was clear that we had grown together. ”In the end, the starting positions 7 and 8 came out. “At the end of the day I ran out of battery power on the last straight because I had used it on the previous lap. So I've lost a couple of tenths, too, ”complained Verstappen.

For Ricciardo, the fun was almost over in Q1. Only in the second run did the future Renault driver make the cut: “We're just too slow. Somehow it hasn't worked all weekend. My first laps in Q1 were actually good, but then suddenly a second was missing at the end. And we don't know why. We have to try to find out now. ”

Full attack with Monza wings

Red Bull experimented with different wings all weekend. The aim was to reduce the top speed disadvantage on the straights without losing too much in the corners. “Yesterday we both rode with little downforce. In the third training session I tried a wing for more downforce. That made things better in the curvy second sector. But we were just too slow on the straights in the first and third sections. The others would have just passed us by. ”

In the end, both pilots decided to add wings in the ultra-flat Monza format. “We can overtake with this wing. We want to attack especially at the start or when restarting after a safety car phase. 'Verstappen is also hoping to catch up:' Unfortunately, we don't have the speed to fight Ferrari and Mercedes. But we definitely want to grab the other three cars in front of us.


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