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Red Bull F1 Concept 2017: Formula 1 racing car with a razor blade design

Andries van Overbeeke
Red Bull F1 Concept 2017
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D Formula 1 is currently looking for the way in the future. Those responsible would only have to ask around the fans. Some of the audience's ideas are very specific. Louder, wider, more aggressive - the decision-makers in the premier class have already heard the demands. But what exactly is that supposed to look like?

Red Bull F1 Concept for 2017

The Dutch designer Andries van Overbeeke gives the wishes of the fans a concrete face. 'As an artist, it's my job to visualize what doesn't yet exist. To discover ideas that are circulating in the fan base, to listen to people's criticism of the status quo and to get a feel for what they want' , explains the graphic designer.

Even before the season started, van Overbeeke caused a sensation with a spectacular future concept in a Williams guise. Now the designer has a new project on his >> Website presents: a Red Bull for the 2017 season.' I would like to bring something tangible into the discussion, 'says the artist about his motifs.

In its proportions it is similar 'RB13' from the futuristic Williams study. The car is wider and shorter. The openings in the side boxes are high. Fat rear tires ensure a muscular appearance. The rear wing is deep and wide, but not bent as aggressively as in the Williams model. Here the Red Bull is a little closer to the current models.

Formula 1 study shows striking front section

The design at the front is much more aggressive. The nose-shaped nose is slightly higher than on the real Formula 1 cars of the 2015 generation. The front wing is only suspended from a central strut, which gives the study an unmistakable look. The wing itself is slim and filigree and shouldn't generate a lot of downforce in this form.

Many sharp edges and corners contribute to the futuristic and aggressive look. The muscular appearance is supported by a matt black finish, which is only loosened up with shiny Red Bull sponsor logos. A little fin on the back, like the one seen at Red Bull in the 2007 season, rounds off the whole thingRazor blade look off.

'Red Bull is a perfect brand for such an evil concept,' explains the artist. 'It's a matte black beast whose design was inspired by a fighter jet. The sponsor logos offer a good contrast. The Williams concept was a little more realistic, but one of the tasks of art is to push the boundaries of what is possible.' What seems impossible now could be feasible tomorrow, said van Overbeeke. 'The past has shown us several times that you can be wrong in this regard.'

In our gallery we show you the Red Bull Concept 2017 by Andries van Overbeeke in detail.


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