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Red Bull drivers on a short leash: stable management only when needed

Red Bull drivers on a short leash
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D aniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have regained their good mood. The Baku crash has been discussed. From all angles. “We analyzed and discussed in detail what happened in Baku. What can we do better as drivers? What can the team improve on the pit wall? What the engineers? It was a long discussion. In the end, it depends on us drivers. We staged the accident, 'said Ricciardo.

The Australian also says:' We must not look at the accident in isolation. Our duel has rocked over a long period of time. We should learn from that. ”Before that, the Red Bull drivers had almost collided four times. “It is clear that the adrenaline is pumping harder. To be honest, I wasn't that surprised that there was a crash between Max and me in the end. It was somehow the corollary of what happened before, 'Ricciardo admitted.

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The reasons are obvious. Red Bull had already told its drivers to take 50 percent of the blame before they went to the stewards. If the drivers had accused each other, there would have been a penalty for one of the two drivers. Possibly with consequences for the GP Spain.

Internally, the crash only has consequences under certain conditions. “There is no general stable management,” says Verstappen, adding: “But there can be certain circumstances under which the team intervenes.” Ricciardo calls them: “When the duel is so charged up again, or when one of us is faster than the other, then the order can come from the team either to hold positions or to change positions. ”As before, with somewhat stricter framework conditions.

Apparently the climate between the two drivers has not suffered. “Daniel and I have already spoken out in Baku. Nothing is left behind. We respect each other, ”says Verstappen with conviction. The Dutchman hopes that he can finally break the evil curse in Barcelona: “I finally need an all-round positive weekend. Then I'll get into a run again. '


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