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Red Bull double retirement: disaster after two laps

Red Bull double failure
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D he race was just two laps old, Red Bull cleared his command post and the mechanics started dismantling the garage. The two cars were parked abandoned on the side of the road. Ricciardo stood with a battery that no longer wanted to donate electricity, Verstappen with a damage to the differential.

It was the result of a collision with Lewis Hamilton in the first corner. “You're full of adrenaline for a race that's supposed to last two hours. Then it's over after just two minutes. Where should I go now with all my energy? ', Ricciardo tried his hand at gallows humor

Red Bull left Bahrain with the same feeling as Melbourne 14 days earlier. There could have been more. That's why there was once again no answer to the question of how good the RB14 really is. Both cars were stuck in traffic in Melbourne. Ricciardo's fastest race lap in one of the few moments of free speed indicated that this Red Bull is to be expected if the race goes normally.

Second battery of two for Ricciardo

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Ricciardo simply rolled out without power.

Motorsport director Helmut Marko believes that Ricciardo would at least have made it onto the podium in Bahrain, if not even had a chance of victory, as the race later went: “Ricciardo could have kept up with Mercedes and Ferrari. He said that he grabbed Raikkonen quickly the way he slipped around in front of him. Max moved up incredibly quickly from his bad starting position. But it doesn't help. We have to implement it. ”

The failure was twice as bitter for Ricciardo. The quota of batteries per driver was halved this year. In China, the Australian is already thehave the second of two energy stores in the car. It would have to be a miracle if he got through the season without a starting place penalty.

The battery already proved to be a sore point in the Renault package during the test drives. And in 2017 it caused trouble again and again. At Red Bull, damage is in the double-digit range.

Verstappen too impetuous again

Max Verstappen continued on his collision course in Bahrain. The Dutchman feels that he has a car to win, but acts too impetuously here and there. In Melbourne he damaged his diffuser on a wild ride over the curb, which a little later earned him a spin and the loss of three positions. In qualifying in Bahrain, Verstappen fired his Red Bull into the tire wall at Turn 2. A communication problem between the accelerator and the engine management system led to an unexpected boost in power.

After just one lap, the man made it up to 11th from 16th on the grid. Verstappen drove slalom through the competition. But when trying to overtake Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in one go, the wild Max got stuck on the Mercedes.

When the right front wheel hit the left rear wheel, the Mercedes remained intact. The Red Bull broke in installments. First the hot spur forced a puncture into the pits. Then Verstappen felt that more was broken. “The blow to the left rear tire pushed the drive shaft into the differential so that nothing worked. It's terrible if you fail with two cars that could at least make it onto the podium, ”said Marko annoyed.

Afterwards there was a lively discussion about who was to blame for the incident. In the waiting room behind the podium, Hamilton fired the word “idiot” at the opponent in the accident. Verstappen rather saw his opponent owed: “I gave him enough space and was in front from the middle of the curve to the end. I find it hard that he got away with it scot-free. The collision cost me my race. I am sure that in the opposite case there would have been at least one investigation. ”


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