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Red Bull double pole in Mexico: Verstappen pushes technology frustration

Red Bull
Red Bull double pole in Mexico
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D aniel Ricciardo thundered his joy over the third Pole position of his career with a primal scream in the pit radio. Max Verstappen was so pissed off about second place that he drove over the P2 sign on the home straight while driving to the top 3 parking lot.

Later in the press conference, the Dutchman was abrupt and either looked down or to the right as Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton shared their training stories. Verstappen missed the golden and probably last chance to become the youngest Pole man in GP history. The chances in Interlagos and Abu Dhabi are much worse.

Red Bull confirmed all advance praise in Mexico. For the first time since Austin 2013, two cars from the Milton Keynes team are on the front row. And they're favorites in the race too. The defeat was particularly bitter for Verstappen. The World Cup fifth had mastered all three training sessions and Q2 in qualifying for the GP Mexico. And in the decisive attempt he lost the team-internal duel against Daniel Ricciardo by 0.026 seconds.

Verstappen can probably get rid of the pole position age record.

Verstappen followed suit technology is responsible for this: “When downshifting, the rear wheels always locked. We've been dragging the problem around with us since the morning and have never been able to completely solve it. I'm more forward with the brake balance to stabilize the car, but it still wasn't ideal. I just couldn't fully attack. ”

Team advisor Helmut Marko assisted:“ Max drives two or three tenths faster without any problems. ”But the man from Graz also said:“ It isuncomfortable for the driver, but not impassable. Ricciardo had similar problems, but copes better with them. ”Ricciardo confirmed. “I didn't feel the problems as bad as Max described them.”

Team boss Christian Horner explains: “Max is a bit like Vettel in the past. He drives into the curve so fast that it bothers him when the rear does stupid things. Ricciardo drives more the classic line and doesn't feel the dropouts that much. ”

The causes lie in the engine software. Renault has been working feverishly since the Singapore GP to improve the use of power when downshifting. That is why there is little hope at Red Bull that a solution will be found by race day. 'Why should they do it in one day when they have been working on it for so long.'

Two swings too many at Verstappen

In fact, despite the problems, Verstappen had the speed of Ricciardo and could therefore have made it to the best starting position. This was shown by his first qualifying lap in 1.14.785 minutes. The truth is, Verstappen screwed his second attempt on himself. He only got 1.15.024 seconds.

Red Bull
Helmut Marko had an explanation for Verstappen's defeat in the team duel.

“Max had two swerves on his lap, I think turns 4 and 10,” reveals Marko. Ricciardo, however, managed the almost perfect shot. “I left time in Sector 1. I actually thought that the pole was no longer there. But the rest of the lap was perfect. I made up time, especially in the fast corners 7 to 11. ”

The data analysis shows that Ricciardo only finished 8th in the first sector, but almost 2 tenths on Verstappen in the second section and the rest of the World made good. The Australian was also the fastest in the stadium passage at the end of the round, but only 40 thousandths ahead of Verstappen. At top speed, the fastest in training was 4.6 km /h short of his team-mate and 15 km /h of the Ferrari.

On all straights, the Red Bull lost one second to the Ferrari and six tenths on their own account on the silver arrows. Before the 1.3 kilometer long home straight, Marko also defiedAfraid of the good starting position: “Hamilton and Vettel have the slipstream and more power. It will be very difficult to defend the lead up to the first corner. ”The run-up to the first corner is 890 meters.

Verstappen has two sets of Supersoft in reserve

sutton -images.com
Can Verstappen turn the tables in the running?

Should Red Bull take the lead, the competition should not see much of them anymore. Especially when the temperatures rise again. “Then we will benefit even more from better tire wear,” says Marko. Lewis Hamilton said doggedly: “The Red Bull's racing speed is too good for us. But as long as they take away points from Vettel, it should be fine with me. ”

Strategically, Verstappen is better equipped than Ricciardo. The Dutchman still has two fresh sets of super soft tires in reserve, Ricciardo only has one. The Red Bull engineers don't rule out two pit stops.

Ricciardo didn't care. The Monaco winner enjoyed the moment for a moment and showed his broadest smile. “I don't want to celebrate too much because I still need some energy for the race tomorrow.” The unlucky person of the last races did not want to speak of a sensation, but of a surprise. “Max was ahead the whole time. I knew I still had a lap time, but then I squeezed out a little more. ”Ricciardo's third pole position may be his last for a long time. “At Renault, he'll have to wait longer. He should enjoy it ”, Marko felt with it.


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