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Red Bull disqualified: Front wing flap bends in a controlled manner

Red Bull disqualified
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S ebastian Vettel knows the procedure. In 2012, he had to start from the pit lane because he was left on the track with too little fuel in the tank. This time Vettel and his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo are relegated to the back row. On Sunday it will be a start from the pit lane because Red Bull has to change its front wing. And that counts as an unauthorized change to the specification.

FIA disqualifies both Red Bulls

The FIA ​​bulletin from 8.49 p.m. local time is short and sweet: The cars with start numbers 1 and 3 have violate Article 3.15 of the Technical Regulations and are therefore excluded from the qualification results. So they are first of all in the back row. The penalty for using a modified wing is a separate process according to the FIA ​​statutes. The stewards are only reported about this when the cars come out of parc fermé.

Article 3.15 prohibits controlled bending of all components on the car with the aim of influencing the aerodynamics. In the case of Red Bull, it is about the flaps of the front wing. This is the part of the wing that can change the angle of attack with an adjustment mechanism. Like all other teams, Red Bull uses a metal strip that runs through all the flap elements.

TV cameras suspected

Assumptions that Red Bull was denied by a foreign team are out of thin air. The FIA ​​commissioners already fished out two cars on Friday to check the front wing flaps. Williams and Force India passed the test.

The reason for the suspicion of the FIA ​​police were filming from the noses of the cars. On the two long straights, there was an excessively strong bending to the rear in practically all cars. At Red Bull in extreme form. If the bend is sufficiently strong, this brings more top speed. This time Vettel and Ricciardo were in the middle of the field with 330.4 km /h and 329.5 km /h.

Due to the suspicious images from the TV cameras, all cars in the top teams were checked after qualifying. And the two Red Bulls failed. The argument that there is no specific bending test for the front wing tests did not apply to the Stewards Paul Gutjahr, Steve Stringwell, Danny Sullivan and Khaled Bin Shaiban. You cited articles3.15. That always applies, even without a test.

The FIA ​​did not communicate why it only hit Red Bull. But from the competition leaked out that a mechanism is apparently hidden in the adjustment bar, which allows the flaps to flatten in a controlled manner. Allegedly it is supposed to be a rubber strip with an integrated spring, which looks deceptively similar to the metal previously used.


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