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Red Bull attacks Ferrari: Second force behind Mercedes

Red Bull attacks Ferrari
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D he training result reads almost like at Red Bull's best times between 2010 and 2013. In the four years, the shower manufacturer had a subscription to first places and world titles. On Friday it wasn't quite enough for Hungary to reach the top. But for top positions.

In the second free practice session on Friday afternoon, Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo squeezed into the Mercedes sandwich Hamilton-Rosberg in their RB11. With the better of the two, just 0.351 seconds behind Hamilton. Red Bull also cut a good figure in the first 90 minutes with Ricciardo in fourth and Kvyat in fifth.

Hungaroring is coming towards Red Bull

'There are two reasons for our good pace First of all, our upgrades work better and better, 'explains Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko. 'Secondly, and that is the main argument for our performance, the importance of the engine takes a back seat on this track.'

Red Bull brought its biggest update of the season to the Spanish GP in May. In addition to a short nose, it also included modified wings and baffles. But at first it was not possible to convert the upgrade into the desired improvement. Because you first had to really get to know and understand it. This was made more difficult by the lack of reliability on the part of the engine and the resulting low mileage in training.

It worked better in Monaco. The result: places four and five in the race. The best result to date. Canada and Austria were not Red Bull circuits. Silverstone more. And Kvyat promptly finished fifth. Red Bull also used a new front wing in England. 'We are continuously developing,' says Marko.

The Hungaroring is now the ideal track for Red Bull: a fluid course with slow and medium-fast corners without long straights. After a good training session, Red Bull sees itself in front of Ferrari. 'We'll have to wait until tomorrow when the Mercedes teams increase their engine power. If there aren't too many reserves, we'll be in front of Williams.'

Ricciardo with a strong endurance run - until the engine bursts

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel does not want to leave it that way. 'Red Bull is as strong as expected. At Silverstone we have already seen that their form is getting better. But it was only Friday. The teams operate with different amounts of fuel.'

Still seesVettel has some catching up to do. 'We didn't have a good day because we had a few problems. In the morning I had a short circuit in the electrical system. In addition there was the incident with Kimi's front wing. We didn't drive as much as we wanted in the afternoon either. That's why the picture as far as we're concerned is not quite correct. '

Red Bull is already looking further ahead towards Mercedes. 'We can't beat them on one lap. But our car is doing better in race trim than in qualifying mode. Ricciardo put in a great long run until the engine revved up,' says Marko. The numbers prove it. In his four laps on the soft rubber, last year's winner spins four times a time of 1: 28.2 minutes. Then the Renault engine burst.

Another starting place penalty for Red Bull probably in Monza

'It wasn't the engine that we used in the race. Nevertheless: We still had the engine for needed later. Now we will receive a starting place penalty again. Probably in Monza ', annoyed the former racing driver.

The increase in form of Kvyat, which has really stood up to Ricciardo in the last races, explains the right hand of Boss Dietrich Mateschitz said: 'Kvyat was immensely inhibited by technical difficulties in the first races. As a result, he found it difficult to bring the sector times together in qualifying. Now the problems are smaller and he can show what he's made of. '


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