Red Bull and Ferrari: Back to test schedule A.

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Red Bull and Ferrari change test plan
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U pdate ++ Ferrari and Red Bull have to have their Change the test plan again. Actually, both teams wanted to start testing in Barcelona one day later this week and stop one day later than the other teams. But the FIA ​​thwarted the two racing teams.

No test drives from March 5th

The competition had asked the world association to clarify the rules . It says that no test drives may take place in the week before the first race. Ferrari and Red Bull had hoped that the six days before the race in Melbourne were meant. The FIA ​​has now made it clear that the test ban applies to the entire free week before the first race. Testing will end on February 5th.

This means that Ferrari and Red Bull have to return to the old test plan and start the final week of testing on Thursday. Instead of a private test without the competition, there is now a little more traffic on the track for Vettel, Alonso and Co.

No private test for Alonso and Vettel

Even the spies of the other teams will be happy that Red Bull and Ferrari have a little less privacy. Especially from the world championship team, it is expected that star designer Adrian Newey will unpack some trick. He regretted: 'The regulations do not allow any more brilliant ideas.'

Incidentally, personnel planning is not affected by the postponement. Felipe Massa's turn on Thursday and Saturday, Fernando Alonso on Friday and Sunday. Mark Webber starts at Red Bull, as did Massa on Thursday and Saturday. Sebastian Vettel will meet the Alonso Ferrari on Friday and Sunday.


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