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Reactions to Hülkenberg's Le Mans victory: & # 34; I'm jealous of Nico & # 34;

Reactions to Hülkenberg's Le Mans victory
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N ico Hülkenberg can join four days after his victory the 24 Hours of Le Mans really shine. 'With more distance you only really realize what happened there last weekend. On the evening of the race I was just exhausted. I can only say: I sleep well as a Le Mans winner.'

Romain Grosjean knows what Hulkenberg is talking about. He has already competed in the long-distance classic himself. 2010 in a Ford GT1. 'I'm jealous of Nico. I've always wanted to win this race once. And I'll go back there again.' At the moment there is no double burden as with Hülkenberg. 'I became a father for the second time a month ago. I can't be away from home for three weeks.'

Hülkenberg door opener for others

Grosjean is happy with Hülkenberg's victory in his debut : 'Everyone knows how good Nico is. He has won every category in his career in which he has driven. In Formula 1, he does not have the necessary material. That's why he deserves the Le Mans victory.' Grosjean believes the Force India pilot may have triggered an avalanche with it. 'Nico has shown that you can drive in Formula 1 and Le Mans at the same time, just like in the old days. That could have opened the door for others of us.'

Fernando Alonso would almost have been too sat in the Porsche with starting number 19. The Spaniard was just about to sign a contract to drive the 24 Hours of Le Mans together with Hülkenberg. It failed because of the veto by McLaren and Honda. But the last word has not been said for the future: 'In the future I want to drive there. When in the future, I don't know. It was very close this year. Maybe next season.'

Ricciardo 18 hours on TV

Le Mans does not leave the other drivers indifferent either. Daniel Ricciardo followed the 24 hour battle on TV. 'I sat in front of the box for 18 hours and sometimes wished to be part of the race', Ricciardo grins broadly. 'It would be nice if we could drive in both categories, as in the past. Nico made us Formula 1 drivers look good at Le Mans. Now we all know that it can be done.' Le Mans is also an option for Massa. 'But only after my career. Both together would be too much for me. I want to concentrate fully on one thing.'

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also hung on the TV screen and followed the head-to-head race between Audi and Porsche. He was surprised, however, that no one had complained about the whispering tone of the two cars. Or that there was criticism of the hybrid technology. The Austrian would like to see how fast a Formula 1 car would be on the 13.6-kilometer Sarthe circuit. 'I guess we could drive there for about three minutes.'


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