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Reaction to Bianchi accident: start times moved forward

Reaction to Bianchi accident
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D he Formula 1 bosses finally have the complaints of the drivers he's listening. The late start times for overseas races in Asia and Australia in favor of European TV viewers have been somewhat defused.

Start postponement on the recommendation of the Bianchi Accident Commission

The Grand Prix in Australia, Malaysia China, Japan and Russia were each brought forward by an hour compared to the previous season. This is to minimize the risk of the onset of darkness. In Australia, the low sun caused problems for the pilots. In Malaysia, it is mainly rainfalls that can mess up the schedule.

The postponement of the start times is based on the direct recommendation of the Accident Commission, which investigated Jules Bianchi's serious crash. She had suggested that the start time should always be at least 4 hours before the onset of dusk or sunset.

You can find the updated dates and start times in our Formula 1 racing calendar 2015 .


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