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Raikkonen slowed down for half the day: Iceman struggles with a defective car

Kimi Raikkonen slowed down for half a day
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K imi Raikkonen confirmed after his first few hours Sebastian Vettel's impressions in the Ferrari SF16-H. 'The first feeling was pretty good. The new car is definitely better than last year. The team did a good job.'

Not an ideal day for Raikkonen

Nevertheless, spoke the Finn of a 'not ideal day'. Because his red racing car went on strike that morning. 'It was painful to have lost half the day,' said Raikkonen without grimacing. Ferrari officially states that there was a problem with the gasoline system. Rumors say something else: At Vettel's last exit yesterday evening, the transmission should have slackened. The Ferrari star stayed in turn three five minutes before the end of the session.

Raikkonen doesn't care what the problem was. The result was the same. The 2007 world champion did not hit the slopes for the first time until 12:13 p.m. Four rounds - there was no more on the account until lunch break. Ferrari sold the messed up morning on Twitter with the headline: 'Installation run for Kimi'. In the press center you couldn't help but grin.

Kimi Räikkönen took third place on the third day of the test.

Third best time for the iceman

In the afternoon the problems were solved. Raikkonen made 74 turns around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. That makes a total of 363.09 kilometers. With 195 laps by Vettel on the first two days, the Ferrari account now stands at 273 laps. Or the equivalent of 1,270 kilometers.

In the time class, Raikkonen pushed his fastest lapfrom 1: 25.977 minutes to third place. With the medium rubbers. 'We initially concentrated on shorter runs and later on a few longer runs,' said the Iceman, summarizing his program. 'The car is sure to get even better with more laps.'

One of the biggest changes to the Ferrari SF16-H concerns the front suspension. The most successful racing team in F1 history has renounced the pull rod system and instead relies on pressure struts that activate the spring-damper configuration. This increases the center of gravity slightly, but the front axle is mechanically easier to adjust.

Räikkönen self-critical

An advantage for Räikkönen who needs a good feeling at the front for fast times? 'The handling of the whole car had to be improved. Not just the front axle. We had to improve several areas,' said the veteran. Due to the botched morning, the afternoon for Raikkonen was simply to drive and get to know the car. Ferrari made no changes to the setup.

The newly planned qualification system is hotly debated in the paddock. There should already be a new knockout system this season. In principle, it is a tightened version of the previous variant ( Article ). Raikkonen was asked for his opinion. Answer: 'Let's wait and see what happens.' A typical Kimi who became self-critical at the end of his press round. 'I made too many mistakes in the last year. Then there were other things. That needs to be fixed.'


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