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Räikkönen praises Pirelli: only the rear tire is changed

Daniel Reinhard
Raikkonen praises Pirelli
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G ute message for Ferrari and Lotus. The planned tire change by Pirelli is smaller than initially planned. Nothing is official yet, but there should only be modifications to the rear tires to prevent delamination. That can only mean interventions on the carcass.

Pirelli change without effect? ​​

One hears from Pirelli circles that these changes are rather minor. The teams will find out details on Thursday (23 May). Kimi Raikkonen praises Pirelli for this step. 'Anything else would have been unfair. Just because some teams are exerting pressure that cannot cope with the tires. We can live with a stronger rear tire. It will help us too. I do not think that this gives preference to a team.'

Raikkonen reminds us that Lotus also put away the first measure by Pirelli without any disadvantages when the work area of ​​the hard mixture was enlarged.

Raikkonen does not drive with 80 percent

Raikkonen does not want to confirm the criticism of some colleagues either, that the tires force you to drive slowly. 'We drive as fast as we can. Of course there are limits that are imposed by the car or the tires. If you want to drive longer than the others with one set of tires, you can't give 100 percent. But I wouldn't say that I either would only be on the road with 80 percent. '

Nico Hülkenberg sees it a bit more differentiated:' Normally you try to drive a little below the limit in the race so that you slip as little as possible. With the current tires you sometimes have to Stay two levels below this limit. But it differs from race to race, from stint to stint, from tire set to tire set. There is no rule how to approach the problem. That makes it so difficult. '


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