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Raikkonen on the Bottas crash: & # 34; Would do it again & # 34;

Raikkonen on the Bottas crash
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W enn 2 pilots in the last lap of a race at Shoot each other off the track in the battle for the podium, then the emotions usually boil afterwards. But when it comes to 2 Finns, it is obviously a little different. Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas analyzed the decisive scene in their usual factual and sober manner.

Raikkonen and Bottas would do it again

'My view of the incident has not changed,' Raikkonen grumbled emotionless. 'There were some discussions afterwards, but I would do the same thing again tomorrow. Unfortunately we collided. That's the way it is in racing. I don't have any bad feelings about it. Maybe it would turn out well next time.'

Compatriot Bottas, of course, saw the whole thing a little differently. However, the journalists had to forego a verbal attack against the other party involved in the accident. 'I would do the same thing again in the same situation.' After the race, Raikkonen said that he had already overtaken Bottas at the same point earlier in the race. 'The first time was different,' countered Bottas. 'The maneuver was much clearer. I don't leave the door open twice in the same place.'


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