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Raikkonen in bad luck: season with bankruptcies and breakdowns

Kimi Raikkonen is unlucky again
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K imi Raikkonen is fighting for a Ferrari contract for 2016. But the numbers speak against the 35-year-old. In terms of points, it is 160 to 76 for Sebastian Vettel in the team duel. After victories 2-0. In qualifying 8: 2. 'Sometimes I have a problem here, sometimes there, a mistake or something else. That ultimately leads to poor results. The car is good, and the season is not a disaster like the last one,' Raikkonen justifies.

Long breakdown list for Raikkonen

The Finn's breakdown list is long. In Australia, a loose wheel nut forced the Iceman to give up prematurely after a pit stop. In Austria, a self-inflicted crash with Fernando Alonso. Triggered by an aggressive engine program and too much torque after the start. Two weeks earlier in Canada, Raikkonen was taken by surprise by the sudden surge of strength and threw away a podium. In Hungary, a defective MGU-K forced him to give up.

Defects are one thing. But what Raikkonen has to be chalked up to besides his mistakes is his weakness in quality. On Saturdays, the 2007 world champion often built a better race result this season.

In Budapest, the veteran seemed to be on his way to second place after a lightning start, which would have given Ferrari their first double victory since Hockenheim 2010. And the 82nd in the history of the most successful F1 racing team. 'The start was pretty good. Probably even the best of the year. We easily had the speed for a double victory.'

Raikkonen easy Prey after MGU-K failure

Shortly before the Hulkenberg crash, the disaster took its course. Raikkonen reported a loss of power over the radio. 'I heard strange noises behind me. Then I felt the strength drop.' To make matters worse, the race management sent out a real safety car after the virtual safety car, which compressed the field. And made Raikkonen easy prey without the 160 hp from the electric machine.

At the restart, Nico Rosberg rushed past, on lap 51 Daniel Ricciardo. 'I was very slow on the home stretch. But the lap time wasn't that bad.' In the 52nd lap, Raikkonen headed for the pits. Ferrari wanted to restart the systems. It did not work. The Iceman stumbled out again, but a little later the Hungarian GP was over for him. 'It's another oneDisappointment for me and the team. But that's part of business and racing, 'commented Raikkonen.

A good result before the summer break would have been important for the Ferrari driver.' At the end of the day there is a retirement. People can look at it in two ways now. That we had a good race or you can just look at the result. I know how I see the race. '

Raikkonen wants to stay with Ferrari. But does the team want to keep him too?' It's not my decision. They do what they want. I can only say: If I didn't have the passion, I would stay at home. '


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