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Radio paddock GP USA 2018
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D och still a chance for ticktum?

Daniel Ticktum came second in the Formula 3 European Championship. The Red Bull protégé is still missing a few points for the super license and thus for the Toro Rosso ticket in Formula 1. Red Bull is now considering letting the Englishman compete in the winter series of GP3 in Asia. There he could still hamster the missing points for the super license.

No Mexico test for Raikkonen

Rumors that Kimi Raikkonen for Sauber after the GP Mexico already doing tire tests are out of thin air. “Giovinazzi will drive the tests in Mexico for us,” says team manager Beat Zehnder. There has only been one Ferrari driver in history who has cheated on Sauber. That was Michael Schumacher for a day in Fiorano. In contrast, the test debut of Austin winner Raikkonen at Sauber in Abu Dhabi is still being planned. Just like Lance Stroll is supposed to sit in the Force India for the first time after the season finale.

Sirotkin is hoping for Williams

Sirotkin hopes to stay with Williams.

Sergey Sirotkin's future is still uncertain. Even so, the Russian is not worried. 'I am confident. Why should I check with Williams every two minutes? I've done what I could and I look very good compared to my team-mate. ”Sirotkin doesn't have a plan B:“ Williams is my only option. ”His rivals are Esteban Ocon and Robert Kubica. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is ready to suspend his jewel Ocon for a year if Williams calls for too much money for the French. “We are ready for Plan B. Esteban is sure to have a cockpit in a good car in 2020. Either with usOr somewhere else. We have lots of good offers. ”

Honda is serious

Toro Rosso is the test laboratory for Honda. Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley also received starting place penalties in Austin. But not because the new Honda Spec3 engines were damaged on their debut in Suzuka. No, because Honda has already launched Spec 3B in the USA. The Japanese tried out new pistons and modified the maps so that the engine no longer kicks in so harshly when upshifting and thus ruins the transmission.

Indy stars in Austin

Half the IndyCar field showed up in the F1 paddock in Austin: Josef Newgarden, Conor Daly, JR Hildebrand and Alexander Rossi. The US stars will compete in Austin next year. The Circuit of the Americas is on the IndyCar calendar for the first time.

Grosjean's own bill

Romain Grosjean's own account did not have 31, but 39 World Championships - Counter on the account. “I count the eight points that they stole from me in Monza.”

80,000 fans in Miami

Red Bull
In the best weather, Formula 1 in Miami advertised its own business.

At the same time as the USA GP in Austin, the fifth Formula 1 Fan Festival was held in Miami with Emerson Fittipaldi in the '74 McLaren, Formula 1 cars from Red Bull and Honda, the two-seater and concerts. 80,000 spectators came to Bayfront Park. As you can hear, the organizers in Austin weren't that enthusiastic about the competitive event that drew attention away from the Grand Prix.

Sette Camera at McLaren

Formula 2 -Pilot Sergio Sette Camera applies to McLaren as reserve pilot. McLaren sponsor Petrobras should support him. This year the Brazilian is already a F2 team-mate of Lando Norris at Carlin, who has a regular place at McLaren in 2019.

Leclerc with self-confidence

Charles Leclerc answers boldly to the question of what can be learned from Hamilton: “Not much so far. I only ever met him when he lapped me. Hopefully next year it will be different. Then I should be closer to him. ”The future oneFerrari driver has self-confidence.

Which disguise for the Stroll contract?

Force India team boss Otmar Szafnauer disguises himself when signing the contract with his drivers depending on the Nationality. With Sergio Perez, Szafnauer wore a Mexican sombrero. And what about Lance Stroll? “Maybe I'll dress up as a Canadian Mountie.”

Ricciardo playing football

Daniel Ricciardo has a college football game from the Texas Longhorns before the US GP looked at in Austin. “It was a cool experience. That was just the college championship, and the place was jam-packed. '


Red Bull
Ricciardo with a special helmet for the US Grand Prix.

Red Bull let to make special Texas-style overalls and race boots from supplier Puma for both of its drivers for the Austin race. Ricciardo was also on the road with a special helmet design at the US Grand Prix. The painted honey badger ('Honey Badger') on the back was dressed in a sheriff's uniform. Sebastian Vettel also had a special head protection made for the US Grand Prix. His usual helmet design was combined with an inner padding in the look of the US flag.

No Texas weather

Austin experienced a second bad weather chaos after 2015. In addition to the constant rain during training, there was also cold. The temperatures measured during the GP week were the lowest in mid-October ever recorded in Austin.

Alonso's Top 5

Fernando Alonso admitted carried away with an assessment of his top 5 drivers of all time. “For me these are Fangio, Schumacher, Senna, Prost and Hamilton. Lewis, because he was a winning driver from the start and also won on bad cars. '

Godfather Fangio

Lewis Hamilton thinks it is' crazy ', that he will be put on a par with Juan-Manuel Fangio after the fifth world title. “He is the godfather of all drivers in this sport.” Hamilton cannot imagine that he would have raced in the 1950s, although he knows the feeling from his demo drives in the Mercedes W196 in Monza. “Stirling Moss told me that you are athoped to be thrown out of the car in an accident because then the chances of survival were greater. Today we're happy when we're firmly buckled in the cockpit. ”

US fan Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton travels to the USA regularly. He also says why he's such a big America fan: “I've loved the country since I first went to New York when I was 17. America, for me, stands for wide streets, the best entertainment business and the tastiest pancakes in the world. I could eat them every day. ”


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