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P anne with sponsor logo

If you looked closely at Charles Leclerc's helmet in free practice, you immediately saw that something was wrong. 'Monnim Noissiw' was written in capital letters on the head protection. It was the sponsor logo of Philip Morris 'Mission Winnow', which was apparently stuck upside down. Unfortunately, all letters make sense upside down, which is why the error was not noticed immediately. In qualifying, Leclerc wore a helmet with the correct logo again.

Controversy over Rich Energy logo

The main sponsor of Haas may have to change its logo. The energy drink company 'Rich Energy' lost a lawsuit against the bicycle manufacturer 'Whyte Bikes', whose trademark looks suspiciously similar to that of Rich Energy. During the trial, the judge found that CEO William Storey's statement was not credible. He said he didn't know about the Whyte Bikes logo.

Will Montoya be Stroll's new coach?

That is what the bush drums in the paddock report: Juan Pablo Montoya is apparently applying as Lance Stroll's mental coach. The team announced that Montoya was only a guest in the Racing Point garage. Funny, the Colombian was wearing a team shirt. If the seven-time GP winner Stroll had already helped Stroll at the Spanish GP, then with little success. The Canadian was involved in two accidents at the weekend in Barcelona.

Mustache for Mercedes

The Spanish GP was the last Formula 1 race for Mercedes contested under Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche. The long-time boss of the Stuttgart car manufacturer will hand over his post to Ola Källenius on May 22nd. That's why the Silver Arrow got a little 'aero upgrade' glued to its nose for the last pit stop practice. On the tip of the nose there was a mustache made of fabric in honor of the highest Daimler man.

The Mercedes got a mustache like the one Dieter Zetsche wears.

Wing affair at Renault

For Nico Hülkenberg, Barcelona was a weekend to forget. The 16th place on the grid after a slip in Q1 was already affecting the mind. Then also the banishment to the pit lane. After his crash, Hulkenberg got a grand piano of the old specification. Hulkenberg also said that in the TV interviews. Two hours later, Renault claimed that it had switched to a new wing. A rather clumsy attempt to mislead the FIA ​​commissioners. Spotters from another team had paid close attention. They reported the incident to the FIA. And she found that the main blade of the exchanged wing did not match that of the crashed part. Renault's mild apology to the FIA: The wings are very similar and easy to mix up.

Schumi's life as a film

All Schumacher fans can be happy . As consultant Sabine Kehm has announced, there will be official documentation about the record champion. With film snippets from the family archive. The work should be ready by the end of the year. An exciting question remains: Will the ski accident also be discussed.

Hamilton thanks boys with cancer

After the race in Barcelona, ​​Lewis Hamilton dedicated his victory 5 year old Harry Shaw. The boy, who is seriously ill with cancer, is a big fan of the world champion and therefore contacted his idol in a video before the weekend in Spain. According to Hamilton, the boy's fate gave him inspiration. The day after the race, Mercedes placed a Silver Arrow in the Shaw family's garden, along with the winner's trophy from Barcelona.

Inguinal hernia for Binotto

Ferrari -Team boss Mattia Binotto ran a bit unevenly through the paddock in Barcelona. Most of the time, the wearer of glasses remained invisible. That had nothing to do with the humble performance of his cars on the track. We hear that after the Azerbaijan GP, ​​Binotto had to undergo an operation because of a hernia.

Lego helmet withdrawn

Not only for Charles Leclerc there was confusion about the helmet. Sebastian Vettel actually wanted to wear head protection in a cool Lego design for the European kick-off. The model, which was lovingly and detailed designed by the designer Jens Munser, was not used at short notice. There were rumors in the paddock that there was supposed to have been stress with another sponsor.

Sebastian Vettel did not drive with the Lego helmet in Barcelona as planned.

The doctor awards grades

Red Bull sports director Helmut Marko is a strict observer of his drivers. The doctor does not shy away from plain words. The ORF asked Marko for a clear assessment of the Red Bull drivers. School grades please, Mr. Marko. They come out like a shot: 'Verstappen gets a 1, Gasly a 3.'

Sports celebrities at Red Bull

In the new Red Bull Motorhome it was like a dovecote. On Saturday, MotoGP ace Marc Marquez showed up at his employer. It was the turn of the footballers on Sunday. The Paris St-Germain players Neymar and Dani Alves caused a similarly large media flow as the Formula 1 drivers.

Hamilton is an Arsenal fan

Lewis Hamilton would like to watch the Champions League final between Tottenham Hotspurs and Liverpool FC live. He is neither a fan of one or the other team: 'If I should keep my fingers crossed for a team, I would prefer Liverpool.' So he could fly to Baku now to cheer on his team at the Europa League final against Chelsea.

Only once in Bathurst

Daniel Ricciardo has not Formula 1 plans only. The Australian wants to drive a V8 supercar on Mount Panorama in Bathurst once in his career. He'll have to be patient: Renault doesn't have any cars in the Australian Touring Car Championship. But Nissan.


The Ice Hockey World Championship is currently underway in Slovakia. On this occasion, Finnish television had Valtteri Bottas compete against Canadian Lance Stroll in front of the paddock. In the absence of ice, the two pilots shot at drinking bottles with pucks.

Racing Point
Canada vs. Finland: Lance Stroll and Valtteri Bottas played hockey on the red carpet.

Red Bulls wooden house

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner joked: 'We have the biggest upgrade of all teams with us', pointing mischievously to the team's new motorhome. The log cabin is by far the largest building in the paddock. The new Energy Station rolled to Barcelona on 31 trucks. With 1221 square meters of usable space, it offers 27 percent more space than its predecessor.

Who wants to save?

Racing Point and Haas are also in the arms race joined the new motorhomes. Racing Point's glass palace cost 4.6 million euros. Renault wants to add to the GP England. Sauber team boss Frédéric Vasseur is amazed at the palaces: “Didn't we all want to save?” Alfa Romeo now has the oldest motorhome in the paddock. It dates back to the 2006 season when BMW took over the Swiss Sauber racing team.

Start of work for Andreas Seidl

The new McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl had his first day of work in England on Labor Day. And in Barcelona the premiere on the pit wall. “We are just getting to know each other. It can take three to four months, ”says the former LMP1 boss at Porsche. The two jobs cannot be compared: “At Porsche, I was the first employee on a new project. Here I come into an existing structure. ”

Go to Lourdes!

Daniil Kvyat has so far been unlucky. The Toro Rosso returnees were innocently involved in collisions again and again. Red Bull sports director Helmut Marko made a suggestion: “Leave the magnet that brings bad luck at home. Or just go to Lourdes. “


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