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Alonso 2018 in Le Mans

N och confirmation from Fernando Alonso is pending. But everyone expects the Spaniard to drive a McLaren-Renault in 2018. 'Formula 1 has priority in my plans.' That is the end of the dream of the Triple Crown. Monte Carlo will collide with the Indy 500 again next year and Alonso had already said: “When I drive Formula 1, I assume that I have a competitive car. Then I can't do without Monte Carlo. But there is another race that counts towards the Triple Crown. And that won't take place on a Formula 1 weekend next year. ”That means the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Perez in the steam bath

The drivers plowed for the race in warm and humid Singapore . Sergio Pérez trained in the domestic steam bath in Mexico. There he can allegedly increase the humidity to 100 percent. Teammate Esteban Ocon went to the sauna with the exercise bike to prepare for the heat battle.

Verstappen's future

Max Verstappen wants to be world champion today rather than tomorrow. Should Red Bull not have a chance to win the title again in 2018, experts expect the boy prodigy to force his move. Are there any offers for 2019? “Yes,” says Verstappen. “I can work in a supermarket. Or in a clothes store. Oh yes, bike sales would also be an option, ”he jokes.

New name for Force India

Force India will give its team a new name next year. The desired solution 'Force One' is not possible. Liberty Media fears that abbreviations of this name will cause irritation with the “F1” trademark. The new favorite in the team is now the name 'Force Racing'. “It reminds us of our origins and makes us more international. That helps us to find sponsors, ”explains sports director Otmar Szafnauer.

Vettel was allowed to dream

Sebastian Vettel as guest at the party for Ferrari's 70th anniversary.

Lewis Hamilton contributed the IAA presented the Mercedes-AMG Project One. Nico Hülkenberg the Renault Mégane RS. Sebastian Vettel raved about Ferrari's 70th anniversary. Many legendary Ferrari street cars were auctioned in Maranello. “I saw a lot of cars that I dreamed of as a child. It was an emotional show. I am happy to be part of this story and would like to be an even bigger one at the end of the year. ”The world title is meant. By the way, ex-boss Luca di Montezemolo was not invited. Many found that weak. Montezemolo was an important part of Ferrari history from 1973 to 2014. President Sergio Marchionne should have jumped over his shadow.

More night races?

The drivers like the floodlit spectacle in Singapore. Lewis Hamilton can imagine more Grands Prix of this kind and is openly thinking about an interplay. “Maybe in some places we should race one year at night and next year by day.” Fernando Alonso says: “It would be a good idea to hold night races especially in hot countries.”

Gasly's double fault

Two years ago, Red Bull Junior Pierre Gasly took a place in Formula 1 at Toro Rosso because he had trumpeted the news on Twitter in advance. Team advisor Helmut Marko was angry at the time: “The drivers still determine us.” Now the 21-year-old Frenchman made the same mistake a second time. After a Super Formula race, Gasly told a reporter, “Malaysia is getting closer. I hope I can be there. ”The sentence was sold on the Internet as confirmation that Gasly will replace Carlos Sainz at Toro Rosso from the Malaysian GP. 'I never said Malaysia,' Gasly promptly rowed back. Marko complained: 'The drivers should concentrate on driving and not on talking.'

Singapore until 2021

Singapore has extended its Formula 1 contract until 2021. The prerequisite was a price reduction in the entry fee. The Grand Prix brought $ 1.4 billion into the city's treasury in 10 years.

Horner on Porsche

Rumors persist that Porsche could enter Formula 1 in 2021 . As an engine supplier. The sports car maker is at least working on a high-performance engine. The official decision has not yet been made as to whether this will be used in racing or in a production sports car. Red Bull is seen as a possible candidate for an F1 engine deal. Team boss Christian Horner keeps a low profile. “We're already working with a manufacturer that doesn't make Formula 1 engines. And obviously this partnership will continue to exist. ”This is AstonMartin. The British manufacturer and Red Bull are jointly developing the Valkyrie super sports car.

Flight home with Air Niki

Niki Lauda took Lewis Hamilton home in a private jet.

Lewis Hamilton contacted Niki Lauda by text message at 2 a.m. on Saturday. Can I fly home with you Lauda wanted to make transport in his private jet subject to conditions. 'If I say now that he has to win for it, is that unfair?' When nothing goes in the qualifying, Lauda comes up with the idea: 'Place on the podium or he pays.' That too was forgotten on the Sunday after the race. “Loisl comes with me, of course. I even move my slot for him. It doesn't matter whether I arrive in Vienna at five or seven in the morning. He drove great again. A victory - I'm over the moon. ”The only problem was the luggage. Lauda determined: “It has to be brought to the plane on Sunday morning.” We'll find out why later. Hamilton travels like a real rock star. His luggage barely fits in a van.

Is there a second intermediate?

On September 1, Pirelli had to deposit the design for the 2018 tires with the FIA. Now the tire manufacturer takes care of the definition of the compounds in joint tests with the teams. In all likelihood there will be a sixth dry tire that will be even softer than the Ultrasoft. In general, Pirelli wants to go a step softer. Means: The hard tire becomes the medium. From the medium of soft. And so on. The tires should degrade a little more. It is hoped that this will bring more diversity to the strategy. Pirelli and the teams are also working on the rain tires. There could be a second intermediate tire. “We'll probably stay with one of them,” says Pirelli race director Mario Isola.

Renault renovates wind tunnel

At Renault, it's not just the current cars that are modified every 14 days. The French factory racing team runs one of the most aggressive development programs in the field. To this end, the wind tunnel in Enstone was upgraded during the summer break. 'We can now cover a lot more scenarios when the front wheels are turned or the car is rolling,' said Nico Hülkenberg happily. HisConclusion: “We are really making progress now.”

Hülkenberg and the podium

It just won't work. Nico Hülkenberg never made it onto the podium in 129 GPs. With that he has surpassed the negative record of Adrian Sutil. “Now is my era. I had to work for a long time and fight hard to beat him, 'jokes the 2015 Le Mans winner.' It's an achievement to stay in Formula 1 for so long without a podium. '

Rosberg helps Kubica

Nico Rosberg is back in Formula 1. Not active, but as a manager. The world champion is working with Robert Kubica on the Pole's F1 comeback. Kubica could possibly stay with Williams in the coming season. As is well known, Rosberg has excellent contacts to the traditional team from Grove.


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