Radio paddock GP Singapore 2012

Radio paddock GP Singapore 2012
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Post for the FIA ​​

D he teams wrote an urgent letter to the FIA. In it they ask the world federation to refrain from increasing the entry fees. According to a plan by Bernie Ecclestone and Jean Todt, they should increase dramatically. To 500,000 euros fixed salary and 7,000 euros per World Cup point. According to the current World Cup status, Red Bull would have to pay the association EUR 2,575,000. At Sauber it would be 1,207,000 euros. The FIA ​​World Council will vote on the entry fees on Friday (September 28th). The problem is that the teams have no vote in the World Council.

Chess game above the clouds

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Timo Glock passed the time on the twelve-hour flight to Singapore playing chess. How times change. Just imagine Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet playing chess 25 years ago. The three wouldn't even have got on the same plane.

Pic sees red

Charles Pic became the same in Singapore double punished. At one point he has to do some kind of social service for the FIA's road safety program. Then he got another 20 seconds on his racing time. The reason for the double penalty was disregarding the red flags in the second training session. Pic had only slowed down at the fourth red flag and overtook Sergio Perez's Sauber at 180 km /h.

Hamilton: No questions about the future

Lewis Hamilton continues to play the defiant child and is monosyllabic. Before his media round with the English journalists, he immediately set up new rules of the game: 'Don't waste your time. You don't need to ask me about my future.'

Maldonado very tame in Singapore

Pastor Maldonado's second starting position surprised the whole team. Williams co-owner Toto Wolff was amazed: 'Fifth place was the greatest of emotions.' The super round of the Barcelona winner left the Williams strategists poring over a tactic for hours. Maldonado was only inaugurated shortly before the start. 'You mustn't give him too much on the way, otherwise he'll mess it up,' smirked a team member. Apparently the Venezuelan had been told that he had to stay out of all duels. Maldonado drove very tame with the handbrake on. OneHydraulic defect brought the undeserved end. Wolff was self-critical: 'Before we made a tactical mistake. Pastor drove flawlessly.'

Senna's dramatic failure

The scene went down on the night of Singapore. With two laps to go, Bruno Senna parked his Williams in an emergency exit. The Brazilian heard the haunting message over the radio: 'Jump with both feet out of the cockpit. Under no circumstances touch the ground and the car at the same time.' The reason for the failure was thus clear. Senna stopped with a KERS defect.

The toughest race of the year

The Singapore GP is the toughest race on the calendar, both physically and mentally. Sergio Perez and Timo Glock felt it. Perez had to be massaged for two hours after the race. The Mexican suffered from back pain. Timo Glock drove off quickly, but was completely exhausted. The Marussia driver had to deal with two problems. His kiss on the wall had blocked the back lane of the car. Glock then adapted his driving style. The last set of tires was 34 laps old at the finish. No one has been on the road longer with a set of tires. 'The last ten laps were torture. The car just slipped.'

Substitute on Hamilton's side

Michibata in Buttons underwear

The girlfriend by Jenson Button, Jessica Michibata, came to the track on Friday just as a tropical thunderstorm swept over Singapore. The Japanese model was completely showered once. Michibata got dry clothes in the McLaren Pavilion. For lack of alternatives, she had to swap her elegant dress for fireproof underwear from friend Button.

No wonder at Pirelli

Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery is looking for a new test driver for 2013. The Briton favors a driver with Formula 1 experience who wants to return to the premier class with the Pirelli job. He cited Robert Kubica as an example. Hembery grinned at the German journalists: 'But don't ask me about Schumacher!' A media representative joked back: 'Not even Ralf Schumacher?' Hembery said dryly: 'We can't work miracles here.'

Alonso in the Lego racer

For the 500th Ferrari race with sponsor Shell and as an advertising campaign for the new Legoland in Malaysia (opening on September 15th) a Ferrari model made of Lego bricks was made in Singaporepresented in original size. The planning for the construction of the Ferrari F150 from the previous season took six months. In ten days the several hundred thousand stones were put together. The car, which has original Pirelli tires, is big and stable enough for Fernando Alonso to get behind the wheel.

In our photo gallery we have pictures of the Ferrari model and others many more cool Lego racers.


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