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Radio paddock GP Mexico: Two teams against qualifying races

Radio paddock GP Mexico 2019
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V ettel against advertising cups

Sebastian Vettel was annoyed about the loveless trophies after the race in Mexico. “We have such a great race here in Mexico. The organizers try so hard. And then there are such boring trophies. In the future we should rather have nice trophies like in the past. The crazy Heineken logo sticks all around the track. It doesn't have to be on the trophies yet. ”

At the party after the race, Vettel was also upset about an actor hired by the organizer, who was on the podium with a selfie in a white helmet and mariachi racing overalls -Stick ran around and wanted to jostle for the official winning photo. But Vettel quickly pushed the Mexican aside. 'I'm not a big fan of selfies,' said the Heppenheimer. It wasn't all bad though. 'I really liked the idea with the car on the podium.'

Two teams against qualifying races

The test run for qualifying races as a replacement for that current KO system is stopped. FIA and Liberty wanted to try out the model in Paul Ricard, Spa and Sochi next year in order to add a little more excitement to statistically mostly boring races. However, unanimity was required for 2020.

After no one raised their hands at first at the last strategy meeting in Paris, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was the first to take cover, followed by Red Bull as things stand, had less damage from a reverse starting order for the sprint race than Ferrari. Nevertheless, we think that this system goes against the DNA of Formula 1. ”

First contract review

In the week after the USA Grand Prix the FIA ​​letter and seal under the Formula 1 regulations for 2021. Then all teams will also hold the new Formula 1 contract in their hands, which is to replace the old Concorde agreement. On November 5th there will be a first meeting with the team's lawyers on this issue. Nine teams are represented by a lawyer. It's the same one who advised the teams on legal issues when the last agreement was signed. Only Mercedes cooks an extra sausage and sends its in-house lawyer into the race.

Jerry André
Full house in Mexico. The race was sold out for the fifth time.

Mexico sold out for the fifth time

Other organizers are envious of the GP Mexico. The F1 party sold out for the fifth time since 2015. On three days there were 345,000 spectators, 138,000 on Sunday alone. The capacity has increased by 7,000 places this year. Additional grandstands were set up in the S-curves. The ticket proceeds make up approximately 50 percent of the revenues that fund the Grand Prix. Sponsors pay the rest.

What is the secret of the Fiesta Mexicana? Promoter Alejandro Soberon reveals: “We don't wait for people to come up to us and ask: Can I buy a ticket. We actively approach people. The tickets are sold on over 50 different channels. We developed a brand. It's not just about racing. It should be a big party that entertains people well for three days. ”

The organizer knows his audience very well. Age, gender, where they come from. For example, it was found that the proportion of women has increased by 30 percent. Soberon attributes this to the Formula 1 documentary on Netflix: “It's not just about racing. The story tells the drama behind it. Formula 1 is not as far away as it used to be. As a fan, you can grab them with your hands. The protagonists are no more aliens, but humans. ”

Great customer service at Mercedes

There was a lot going on in the Mercedes garage on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Valtteri Bottas' accident required a great deal of customer service. The chassis and transmission survived the impact. So there was no penalty. Otherwise pretty much everything you can imagine has been swapped.

Here is the list of parts that have been registered by the FIA: Front suspension, rear suspension, power steering, steering column, steering wheel, nose, rear wing, front wing, Master brake cylinder, mirror on the left, guide plates on the left, cover on the left, gearbox cassette, gearbox input shaft, wiring harness in the cockpit, seat belts, underbody and a filter in the ERS pump.

Verstappen drove the fastest qualifying time, but Charles Leclerc was given pole position.

Who owns the pole position?

In the paddock there was a lot of discussion about who got the pole position in Mexico in the history books belongs to: Max Verstappen, the fastest in training, or Charles Leclerc, who moved to first place after Verstappen's penalty. Even Ferrari wasn't sure. The rule is very clear. Penalties are included. Pole position belongs to Leclerc.

Just like Mark Webber got in Monte Carlo in 2012 and not Michael Schumacher, who was fastest in training. The Mercedes driver at the time had to serve a sentence. He was downgraded by five starting positions because he had caused a collision with Bruno Senna in the previous race in Barcelona.

Exactly at this GP Spain Pastor Maldonado was given pole position. It actually belonged to Lewis Hamilton. But he had to go to the end of the grid because his tank did not contain the remaining amount of one liter of petrol required by the regulations. Another story is that of Hockenheim in 1982. Pole position belongs to Didier Pironi, although the Frenchman was unable to drive due to a serious accident in the third training session.

Hamilton without Bono

Lewis Hamilton had to do without his personal engineer Pete Bonnington in Mexico, who stayed at home because of an illness. Data engineer Marcus Dudley represented him. “I've been working with Bono for seven years now, longer than any other engineer. His replacement Marcus is doing a great job, but the poor guy has to put up with me because he's my first contact on the radio now. Bono already warned him that I always put my race engineer under pressure, ”said Hamilton. Bonnington should be back on board in Brazil.

Verstappen retains lap record

Daniel Ricciardo is angry that his training record from 2018 was undercut by a thousandth of Max Verstappen has been. “I was still hoping that they would cancel the time for Max because of the yellow flag. Now he is only three places down, but the lap record stays in the books. “

Motorsport Images
Bottas accident with consequences: work for the mechanics, headache for the pilot.

Bottas 'headache

Valtteri Bottas' accident was as severe as it looked. The car hit the wall at 175 km /h and was decelerated with 17 g on the final impact with the Tecpro barriers. Bottas joked after the race: “On Sunday I woke up with a headache. But I don't know whether it came from the accident or the tequila. ”

The secret of the braking system

To the horror of the Renault press police, Ricciardo explained on Saturday detailed the braking system from Renault, which led to the disqualification after the Japanese GP. “It was really just a relief. I could choose whether I wanted to adjust the brake balance manually or whether the engineers would preset the system. When I came to Renault from Red Bull, I thought: They once had a smarter idea than Red Bull. ”Romain Grosjean revealed that said braking system was invented in 2015. At that time the team was still called Lotus.

Suggestion from the doctor

Pierre Gasly had it badly in Mexico. The French suffered from Montezuma's revenge. Red Bull sports director Helmut Marko made a pragmatic suggestion: 'If things get really bad, he should just take diapers.'

Rule postponement to 2022

McLaren colleague Andreas Seidl, however, holds:' Wind tunnel times and CFD capacity are already limited. More money won't help you there either. The FIA ​​must now enforce the new rules. What the big teams are asking for is just another delaying tactic. ”

Motorsport Images
The contracts of Red Bull drivers have been extended. The distribution of the cockpits has not yet been determined.

Red Bull Quartet fix

Red Bull has confirmed its contracts with Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat for 2020. “Now we are taking our time deciding where to place our four drivers next year,” explains Helmut Marko. There is no pressure from the Red Bull driver pool. Currently none of the Red Bull Juniors has a super license.

Kubica is tinkering with the future

Robert Kubica is putting his fans off about his plans for the future. “It'll take a while until I get everything together. My priority is to race in 2020. If a test driver job with a Formula 1 team comes out as well, why not? But I don't want to just sit in the darkroom. Simulator work only makes sense if you've driven the right car. ”Rumor has it that Kubica will compete in the DTM next year and also become a test driver at Racing Point or Haas.

Hamilton as a boxer

Lewis Hamilton stepped into the boxing ring for a PR campaign for Puma. The opponent was former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez. It is not known who won the sparring. It was more of a show run. After the Mexican GP, ​​Hamilton and team principal Toto Wolff flew to New York for further PR appointments.

Perez celebrates anniversary

Sergio Perez celebrated at his home Grand Prix an anniversary. With his seventh place, the Mexican landed in the points for the 100th time. Together with Nelson Piquet, he is 14th on the all-time best list. However, Piquet was world champion three times. Perez is still waiting for his first GP win. The Racing Point driver described his 173rd GP start as one of the best races of his career: “We got the maximum out of it. Renault and Toro Rosso were faster than us. Still, we landed before them. It feels like a win to me. ”


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