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Radio paddock GP Mexico 2016
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Mercedes employees attacked

E A Mercedes employee was attacked in a traffic jam on the way from the airport to the hotel and forced to hand over his watch, laptop and wallet at gunpoint. Apparently the man was lured into a trap by the chauffeur. Mercedes then tightened the safety regulations. Police escorts for the team members, bodyguards for the drivers. 4,960 employees patrol the circuit.

First Venus, then Serena

Lewis Hamilton takes turns bringing tennis stars to the track. Last week in Austin Venus Williams, now in Mexico her sister Serena. The world champion had spent the time between races with friends in Tennessee.

Nasr disadvantaged at Sauber?

Felipe Nasr doesn't want to understand that he was so far behind in the last races Marcus Ericsson has fallen behind. In Mexico, 6 tenths were missing from Marcus Ericsson. “I'm not that much slower.” His Brazilian entourage suspects that Sauber deliberately makes Nasr look bad so that other teams lose interest in him. The team describes these allegations as 'nonsense'. Nasr put himself under too much pressure and run over the car. And Ericsson gains more self-confidence with every training win.

Ecclestone makes cake bakers dance

Bernie Ecclestone celebrated his 86th birthday without a drum roll. At Red Bull there was a cake for the birthday boy. Bernie liked it so much that he had the baker called. It was brought in by Toro Rosso in a hurry. Incidentally, the FOM pavilion was renamed in honor of Ecclestone. Above the entrance there was no longer “FOM” (Formula One Management) but “Mr.E”.

Hamilton kills bird

Lewis Hamilton ran over a bird in the second practice session. The Englishman had lost the track in the first corner and sled through the meadow. Sebastian Vettel reminded Hamilton of a scene at the Canadian GP when he had braked himself and blamed some seagulls for it. At that time he had said: “I brake for animals. I'm not so sure about Lewis. ”The bird was unintentionally preyed on, of course. On his odyssey through the meadow, Hamilton could no longer avoid it.

Alonso doesn't leave any chickens alive

Martin Brundle pulled one in view of Fernando Alonso's strong final laps in Austinoriginal comparison: “For me, Alonso is like a fox in a chicken coop. And you can be sure that he won't leave any of the chickens alive. ”

Hülkenberg hopes for Infiniti company cars

Nico Hülkenberg has not yet given a thought to what his new company car will look like becomes. As a Renault works driver, he has a free choice. “I haven't really looked at the pallet yet. But maybe I'll get an Infiniti. They also belong to Renault. ”

Montoya ponders the future of Indy Car

Seen in the paddock: Former Indy Car star Adrian Fernandez and Juan Pablo Montoya, who will do next year will lose his Penske cockpit in the Indy Car series. The Colombian is currently struggling with whether he should hang on for a whole season or just compete for Penske at the Indy 500. “The best chance to compete in Indy would be to accept Penske's offer.” Montoya will be in Europe a lot next year. 'My son will start there in the junior kart series.' In Mexico, the seven-time GP winner was an expert on the South American TV channel Fox.

Force India
Force India with Bayer Leverkusen mascot

Force India brings Chicharito luck

On Sergio Perez's Force India, a plush lion was stuck in the nose of the car before qualifying. The coat of arms of Bayer Leverkusen. With this, Perez wished the Bayer star and compatriot Chicharito good luck. It helped. Leverkusen won 2-1 in Wolfsburg. Perez was less lucky at home. He lost the duel against Nico Hülkenberg.

Perez talks about his death

It was the strangest question at an FIA press conference in a long time. The Mexican reporter Enrique Gutierrez wanted to know from Sergio Perez: “How do you think about death?” Perez paused at first, but then replied obediently: “Nice question. It's a point in your life that you would love to never get to, but unfortunately you have to get there at some point. ”Then he explained to the audience why the question wasn't so absurd. “We celebrate the feast of the dead here in Mexico on Sunday. There is a lot of talk about death. ”

Sainz doesn't like chili

Carlos Sainz's nickname is“ Chili ”. But that has nothing to do with the Spanish spiceto do, explains the Toro Rosso pilot. “I don't like chili at all. My friends gave me the name. You have renamed Carlos Charlie. And then at some point it turned into chili. “

Force India pilots are very busy

Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Perez flew to Mexico City on Monday. Because of the many Mexican sponsors at Force India, they had a full program. Hülkenberg: “We had to go to PR appointments on Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday evening, 4 hours on Wednesday, Thursday morning, Friday and Saturday evening. I only had Thursday evening off. ”

Gutierrez before HaasF1's exit

HaasF1 is free to choose his driver. Ferrari no longer insists that Esteban Gutierrez occupy the cockpit alongside Romain Grosjean. That is why the Mexican is desperately looking for alternatives. When asked about his plans for 2017, the former Sauber driver said: “Gene Haas wants to wait a few more races before making a decision. Fortunately, I have other options that I am seriously considering. I think we'll have to make up our minds soon because we can't risk waiting a few more races and then falling between stools. ”What options is the Mexican talking about? Force India? Manor? A return to Sauber?

Audi reduces the Sauber wind tunnel program

Sauber is calm about Audi's withdrawal from the WEC. Audi is the Sauber exclusive customer in the wind tunnel. But the Le Mans program will be discontinued in 2017. Audi will remain in the wind tunnel in Hinwil with the DTM and the Formula E project. However, Sauber is now also allowed to do business with other customers in order to close the Le Mans vacancy.

Ericsson suggests change

Marcus Ericsson is still talking about alternatives for 2017: “All drivers who do not yet have a contract would like to drive with Force India. It is the fourth best car in the field. But clean is also a good option for me. My management is looking at all the options that are on the table and sooner or later they will decide. ”The truth. For Ericsson's patrons, the Ericsson project and the Sauber project are two separate things. If the Swede were to find a cockpit at Force India, they would let him go without stopping the rebuilding of Sauber. The chance that Ericsson will find a cockpit elsewhere is negligible.

Hamilton in Rosberg box

Curious box distribution in Mexico. Lewis Hamilton's car is in the garage with the number 6. The starting number of his team-mate Nico Rosberg. The number “13” is above Max Verstappen's garage. Was that the reason for the accident in the final laps?

Flight community to Mexico

Four drivers formed a flight community from Texas to Mexico again. Romain Grosjean had chartered a private jet for himself, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen and Nico Rosberg for the 1,200-kilometer trip.

Ron Dennis deniedin vain

It is an open secret that McLaren boss Ron Dennis will be sent into the desert by his partners Mansour Ojjeh and the Bahraini Mumtalakat at the end of the year. Dennis denies it violently. He recently said on an English TV broadcaster: “I will determine the time of my resignation.” The successor is Zak Brown, who has also made the rounds as the new Bernie Ecclestone.


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