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Radio paddock Korea 2013
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Prominently occupied plane

This plane shouldn't have crashed. After the Korean GP, ​​half the field was in a hurry. They had to be at the Muan Provincial Airport by 9 p.m. local time. From there they had chartered a plane to Tokyo. Also on board: Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber, Kimi Räikkönen. In the late evening there was another driver party in the Japanese metropolis. Alonso tweeted at 1:00 am Japanese time: 'We are already in Japan and are looking forward to one of our favorite Grand Prix' At that time the a uto motor und sport -Reporter at the press center by the way.

Villeneuve is as offensive as before

Jacques Villeneuve cannot understand the rejection of Rubens Barrichello by Sauber boss Monisha Kaltenborn. 'Rubens would be worth considering. Why do all these team bosses always ignore the experience factor? 2014 will be a complicated year. A man like Barrichello is always better than a Gutierrez. What has the Sauber achieved so far? Nothing. Look where he's up against Hulkenberg stands. ' Canadians like to burn their mouths. He recently called Caterham driver Charles Pic a paydriver on the French TV channel. Whereupon the French angrily made it clear that he was not a pay driver. Villeneuve grinned back: 'Then he should explain to me why he and not Kovalainen got the cockpit at Caterham.'

Helmut Marko practices balloon darts

Driver, team boss, Managers and senior engineers stay at the Hyundai Hotel at the GP Korea. This is the best hostel on site, is close to the route, but is enthroned on a mountain far away from any civilization. Most representatives of the GP establishment had seen the area around the track, let alone the port city of Mokpo. She only knew the stories of the hour hotels in which less well-heeled GP visitors had to stay from hearsay. This year some of the high-ranking gentlemen descended from their Olympus for the first time and entered the vibrant nightlife of Mokpo. Including a delegation from Red Bull, led by consultant Helmut Marko. The doctor turned out to be a good shooter throwing an arrow at a show booth and won a lot of prizes. David Coulthard scoffed: 'Helmut,When aiming, just remember that you are throwing at your young drivers. '

Alonso gives the photo start

In the Hyundai Hotel, all the drivers met for dinner on Thursday traditionally takes place in Korea because all pilots conveniently live together in a hotel. It is always particularly interesting who is seated next to whom. Many a journalist would like to derive animosity from this. But an observer of the scene warns against jumping to conclusions. 'They all come to you different times and just sit down where there is still room. 'This year Fernando Alonso came a little later.' He immediately had a picture of the whole group taken and spread it on Twitter. The others hadn't really dared to take photos before, 'said our spy.

FIA late at dinner

Korea was also the venue for the annual team spokesperson's dinner. They met for dinner on Friday. FIA spokesman Matteo Bonciani, of all people, was late. The Italian at the World Federation's service usually annoys all of his colleagues for theirs Please bring the driver to the official dates, such as the press conference or the driver parade, on time.

Clean show for high animals

It was a different kind of demonstration. Sauber sent his new driver Sergey Sirotkin to Sochi in a 2012 car to drive the first Formula 1 kilometers in the future Olympic city on a closed course of 800 meters ordinary people stayed locked out. It was an event for 7,000 politicians and business leaders who held a financial summit there. The highest guest was the former Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev. Therefore there was security level one. The whole area was cordoned off on a large scale.

Symonds not only pecks for raisins

The new Williams technical director Pat Symonds appeared surprisingly at the GP Korea. Symonds actually has enough work in the factory, but also wants to get to know his racing team better. In addition, team boss Claire Williams was in Venezuela to appease main sponsor PDVSA. Someone had to represent the team. Although Symonds was able to select three Grand Prix from the rest of the program, he decided on the arduous journey to Korea. 'I didn't just want to pick the cherry on the cake. One of the less popular destinations had to be there. I was faced with the choice of India or Korea. I preferred Korea.'

McLaren wants Porsche record

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh spent a day driving McLaren road cars in Paul Ricard. He was particularly taken with the 900 hp P1. 'I'm a completely normal driver and was surprised how well I got along with this rocket. Compared to oneIn normal sports cars, the centrifugal forces in the corners are even higher. In the evening I had a lot of neck pain. 'McLaren is now planning to drive to the Nürburgring in his P1 hybrid car in order to undercut the record of 6.54 minutes recently set with a Porsche 918 Spyder -A_-headline__article - beta '> Formula 1 vs. Playstation

Kimi Räikkönen's crash in Friday practice reminded the Formula 1 community that cars can derail.' Somehow you have to be almost grateful to Kimi his. Otherwise the fans still believe that Formula 1 driving is as easy as playing Playstation, 'said ex-driver Martin Brundle. Sebastian Vettel was also surprised at the low accident rate in recent years.' You can't say that Formula 1 driving has become so much easier. It's as difficult as ever, just in a different way. It's probably because the modern cars are more forgiving than the old ones. '

Massa earns frequent flyer miles

Felipe Massa traveled from Nice via Frankfurt to Seoul. After the Japanese GP, the Brazilian has an arduous journey ahead of him. He will return to his home country via Europe and from there to India a week later. It can be assumed that Massa will experience the strains of travel too therefore takes up himself to speak to possible sponsors in Brazil who support his cockpit search.

Lauda with short visits

Niki Lauda never stays in the distance for long. The Austrian floated on Saturday with the private jet in Korea and was gone on Sunday evening. At the Japanese GP, the supervisory board chairman of Mercedes allowed himself one more day. Departure in Vienna on Friday. Return from Nagoya, Sunday after the Grand Prix.

Journalists speechless

After qualifying, fans and journalists alike were disillusioned. Once again, Sebastian Vettel drove away everyone. Surprises look different. There was not much to clarify from the reporters present. After the standard questions had been dealt with by the head of the press conference, the press representatives who had traveled with them only sent one additional question to the top three. This has never been done before.

Typhoon gets a second chance

Before the race weekend in Korea, there was above all else wild warnings about the mega-typhoon Fitow in the tabloid press. But apart from a few droplets on Sunday morning, the storm was completely absent. Button said on Thursday. 'He's turning off. But I can see it's not a good story.' The weather frogs have the next chance in Suzuka. Typhoon Danas is approaching and could cross Japan on his north-east route.

28 years until the first press conference


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