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V start in the old Honda

Max Verstappen was allowed to drive Honda's first Formula 1 car on Tuesday before the GP Japan. The RA272 made its debut at the Nürburgring in 1964 and won the last race of the 1.5 liter era in Mexico in 1965. 'I didn't fit into the car properly and couldn't double-declutch when downshifting, but otherwise it was a cool experience,' said Verstappen.

The Dutchman will have missed some performance though. The Honda twelve-cylinder delivered 230 hp. His current Honda V6 turbo creates over 950 hp. “On the other hand, the sound of the twelve-cylinder was much better,” said Verstappen. In the gallery we show you the pictures from the special test drive in Motegi.

Hamilton speaks of quitting

Lewis Hamilton has with some after his return from Japan Instagram posts caused a stir. The Briton said he was frustrated that people still eat so much meat, which is bad for animals and the environment. Hamilton called for better education for citizens and more initiative from politicians.

The world champion closed his criticism with a few very philosophical words: “Honestly, I feel like giving up everything. Why bother when the world is so out of joint and people don't seem to care. I will say goodbye for a while to collect my thoughts. Thanks to everyone who still cares about this world. “

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Guenther Steiner has to pay a fine.

Penalty for Steiner

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner was summoned by the stewards in Suzuka and interrogated for 30 minutes. It was about his criticismto the FIA ​​referees after Kevin Magnussen's five-second penalty in Sochi. It had cost Haas a place and two championship points. Magnussen did not drive properly through the emergency exit in turn 2 after braking.

Steiner and his driver thought the penalty was excessive. 'I lost a place to Perez and the lap was two seconds slower than usual. What was I punished for?', Magnussen is still angry today.

Steiner now has to cope with insulting a commissioner at the Russian GP pay the pit radio a fine of 7,500 euros immediately after the end of the race. The South Tyrolean had weathered on the radio: 'If we didn't have a stupid idiotic steward we would be eighth ... You know who is the steward. You know him. It is always the same. He just does not get any more intelligent… “

To clarify: What was meant was driver representative Emanuele Pirro. The reason for the relatively mild penalty for the derailment was that Steiner had no “criminal record” with the FIA. In the future, however, similar cases will be dealt with tougher.

More power through new fuel

Head of Mobile Development David Tsurusaki confirms that the four cars will be with Honda - Drive engines with a new gasoline in Suzuka. If you use the Spec 4 engine. The new fuel was tailor-made for this type of engine. According to Tsurusaki, it took two years to develop the gasoline. In early August it was decided that he would make his debut at the Honda home race in Japan. Since then, tests have been carried out on the Honda test benches.

The fuel increases performance, improves drivability and extends the life of the engines. Numbers are kept secret. Just this much: 'We use chemical compositions in the fuel that have never been used before.' From the team's circles one hears that the latest expansion of the Honda engine in combination with the fuel is said to have brought 25 hp.

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What to do on typhoon day?

The typhoon forced a GP circus on Saturdayalternative leisure activities. 'The children played Playstation, I watched tennis,' scoffed Nico Hülkenberg. Romain Grosjean put together the six-wheel Tyrrell P34 from a kit. Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris and Sergio Pérez played the FIFA video game.

Checkered flag not seen

Hardly anyone knew the rule. Not the drivers, and neither are most of the team bosses. As of this year, the real checkered flag is no longer relevant. After top model Winnie Harlow waved the flag one lap early at the Canadian GP 2018 on orders from the race management, people no longer want to rely on people, but rather a mix of people and computers. But it's not foolproof either.

The FIA ​​is still investigating where the mistake was when Valtteri Bottas was presented with the electronic checkered flag at the end of lap 52. Nevertheless, everyone drove one lap at racing speed. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc would have done it anyway. “We didn't see the sign at all.” And what would have happened if it was not the winner but the second who had been electronically waved off first? The race management had no answer.

Kubica was angry after the weekend in Japan.

Kubica hands out

For Robert Kubica, the Japanese GP was a weekend with mixed feelings. In Friday practice, the Pole felt really comfortable in his Williams for the first time. There was the new front wing on the car. On Sunday the wing disappeared back into the transport boxes. Kubica crashed in Q1, partly because of the strong wind, partly because the power steering gave strange feedback, partly through its own fault.

The race was the usual disappointment. As so often, his car turned out to be a lucky bag. There was only praise for the work of the mechanics who built a new car in three hours. “They did a fantastic job. We know they can make the impossible possible, almost like a rally. Unfortunately, not everything depends on them. '

Then Kubica vented his anger on Polish television Eleven Sports TV:' Friday was a positive day. For the first time in a long time my car felt a lot betteralthough the wing on the other car didn't work as well. For strange reasons, the wing was taken off my car. I believe this decision was made for reasons unrelated to what was happening on the track. Sunday morning opened my eyes. I was aware of some things beforehand, but limits were exceeded. We now have 20 sessions left this year. Let's hope that some things will be resolved. ”

Electric blanket ban is not coming

Actually, heated blankets should be banned. Now they remain in Formula 1 under pressure from Pirelli and some teams. Pirelli should have allowed the teams to have lower starting pressures if they weren't allowed to preheat. But that's too risky for the Italians. If the entry pressure is too high, there is a risk of bubbles.

Formula 1 has wasted another opportunity to save. Because of the 18-inch tires, the teams will now have to buy new electric blankets in 2021. “40 sets cost 600,000 euros. In addition, there are 250,000 euros in additional transport costs, ”calculates Alfa team manager Beat Zehnder.


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