Radio paddock GP Japan 2012

Radio paddock GP Japan 2012
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Formula 1 party in Tokyo

V ome drivers were in a hurry after the Japanese GP. The new generation of drivers don't think much of the traditional party at the Suzuka Circuit Hotel. They left for Tokyo that evening to party in the city's most famous club. They met in Tokyo's Roppongi entertainment district at the Lexington Queen, or 'Lex' for short. Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen were also there. Five hours earlier they had met in the first corner of the race track.

Webber does the Bolt

The two Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel also stayed in the Japanese capital until Tuesday. They took it easy, however. Vettel wanted to see Tokyo from above. But the queue for the recently opened Tokyo Sky Tree - at 634 meters, the second tallest building in the world - was a little too long for him at three hours. Team-mate Webber had a brief encounter with the fastest man in the world. The Australian was photographed together with Usain Bolt in his famous cheering pose

Schumi cycles with Glock

Timo Glock and Michael Schumacher quickly escaped the hustle and bustle of Japan in the direction of Korea. On the island of Jeju, the two racing driver friends arranged to meet for a short cycling holiday. On Tuesday we went on a four-hour tour, during which more than 2,000 meters of altitude had to be climbed on the hilly island.

Vettels Register of sins

Sebastian Vettel's register of sins this season has increased to six penalties. These include the two warnings in Canada because of a collision with Bruno Senna in training and in Japan because of Fernando Alonso's handicap in qualifying, a 400 euro fine for exceeding the speed limit in the pit lane in Malaysia, a drive-through penalty at the Spanish GP for ignoring the yellow one Flags, 10,000 euros for a prohibited training start in Spa and 20 penalty seconds for overtaking Jenson Button outside the race track in Hockenheim.

A helicopter for 300 meters

The enthusiasm of the Japanese fans is legendary. Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher sometimes had to runbe on the go so as not to be crushed by the fans. Martin Brundle replies: 'It was much worse in Ayrton Senna's time. We flew by helicopter from the hotel to the paddock. The flight took 20 seconds.'

Thanks to Lauda

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is delighted with Lewis Hamilton's move to Mercedes and the signing of Sergio Perez as a replacement at McLaren. He thanked his compatriot Niki Lauda: 'Niki has done us a favor. He has weakened Lewis and McLaren. So we have two opponents less next year.'

Button visits earthquake victims

Jenson Button has a special connection to Japan. His girlfriend Jessica Michbata is Japanese. Before the Grand Prix, the McLaren driver visited the areas around the city of Sendai hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. After the depressing experience in the partly still heavily destroyed coastal cities, he attended a go-kart course in the region. 'There are a few talents involved,' said Button with an expert eye. 'It would be nice if one of the kids could maybe get into Formula 1 in ten years.'

Alesi as a reporter

Jean Alesi appeared again in the Formula 1 paddock. The Frenchman helped commentary on Italian TV broadcaster RAI and conducted the interviews on the winners' podium. Alesi allowed himself to ask Vettel: 'Why did you drive the fastest lap so shortly before the end? Wouldn't it have been better to spare the car?'

Buemi frequent flyer

Sebastien Buemi is only a substitute driver at Red Bull, but he flies more around the world than the regular drivers. Until Saturday evening, the Swiss stood at foot in the Suzuka rifle paddock. On Sunday he flew back to England to test new parts for Red Bull in the simulator. When the job is done, Buemi has to go back to Korea.

Old alternator at Red Bull

To two victories by Sebastian Vettel nobody speaks of the alternator anymore. The part had already given the world champion two failures this year. Red Bull tested a modified 2012 alternator in Singapore. It was flown to Paris after Friday training and dissected there. In Singapore, the 2011 alternators were used for safety reasons. And they stayed in the car in Suzuka too. Apparently the test did not produce satisfactory results. Vettel and Co. will probably drive with the previous year's models until the end of the season.

Glock is in the club

Timo Glock had to submit an official application to join Marussia's 50s club. By doingare only team members of Marussia who participated in all 50 GP missions. Since Glock was absent from Valencia on race day due to food poisoning, his admission to the club was on the brink. The objection that he was present in Valencia and that he was only unable to take part in the race because of force majeure was finally granted. At the big party in the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, however, Glock was missing. 'I arrived one day late.'

Hamilton tweets again

It was all about his contract signature quiet about Lewis Hamilton. The otherwise so communicative Brit took a break from Twitter. In Japan, he contacted his fans for the first time. The excuse: He allegedly lost his cell phone and passwords. Hardly back in action, Hamilton made another faux pas. After his last negative release of telemetry data in Spa, the 2008 champion reacted angrily that Jenson Button had allegedly 'unfollowed' him on Twitter. A short time later, Hamilton rowed ruefully back when he realized that his current teammate was never on his follow list.

Suzuka celebrates 50th anniversary

Suzuka was in this one Year in party mood. The route designed by John Hugenholtz in 1962 celebrated its 50th anniversary. As a Honda factory course, there were of course a lot of old vehicles from the group on the road, including old Formula 1 cars from the 1960s. In a small exhibition seven Grand Prix racers were presented, which were on the road with F1 engines from the Japanese. Including a Honda RA300 (1967), a McLaren MP4 /4 (1988), a Lotus 100T (1988), a Tyrrell Honda 020 (1991), a Jordan Honda EJ12 (1992), a BAR Honda 007 (2005) and a Super Aguri SA07 (2007).


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