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Suzuka lets the dolls dance

E rst she only had one. Then suddenly she grinned from every third seat in the Suzuka press room. We're talking about the Bernie hand puppet. After someone dragged in the fan article, they suddenly had to have everyone and were mumbling with her. The resemblance to Bernie Ecclestone is striking. In addition to Bernie, there were also Jenson Button, Kamui Kobayashi, Takuma Sato and Michael Schumacher in plush versions at the fan article stand behind the grandstands. Bernie donates the proceeds of his doll for the victims of the natural disaster in Japan.

The first appointment as world champion

Sebastian Vettel did not have much time to celebrate his world champion title. The next morning the German had to take a helicopter to his sponsor Infiniti in Yokohama. The car brand is a luxury offshoot of Nissan. Not only the employees but also a lot of journalists were waiting for him there.

Sexy Sixty

Michael Schumacher didn't wear team clothes for his press round on Saturday, but a T-shirt the imprint 'Yes wü can' on the front and 'Sexy Sixty' on the back. Schumi wore it in honor of Formula 1 reporter Helmut Uhl from Bild-Zeitung, who celebrated his 60th birthday before the Japanese GP.

Force India not for sale

On Friday rumors circulated in the paddock and on the internet that Vijay Mallya wanted to sell his Force India team. He promptly defended himself against the allegations and went on the offensive. Force India sent a denial by email. 'I was shocked to read a media report saying I wanted to sell the Force India team,' said Mallya. 'This is completely untrue. I am proud to have brought an Indian team into Formula 1. I have worked hard to improve the team's performance. Now that India is on the Formula 1 calendar, my bond with Force is becoming India even stronger. As the team owner, I will continue to lead the team and have no other plans. '

HRT in the box

Not everyone was allowed to relax in the small hospitality pavilions in the paddock do. HRT ended up building a kind of container at the beginning of the pit lane. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa also had their driver's compartment there and McLaren had another office.

Formula 1 demonstrates solidarity

The sympathy for Japan was present everywhere in the paddock. Kamui Kobayashi invited 37Families one. The Sauber cars had the Japanese words 'May Japan answer our prayers'. Michael Schumacher had the Japanese flag affixed to his helmet design and cap. Jenson Button and Vitantonio Liuzzi also had newly designed headgear in Suzuka that was dedicated to Japan. In the Toro Rosso box on Thursday there was a large picture of Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi, drawn in Japanese clothes, standing in front of the Fujiama. Underneath it said 'Thank you for your support'. Before the race, the girls' choir from Fukushima sang the national anthem.

Ecclestone only with the heart in Japan

Bernie Ecclestone did not travel to Japan, but sent a message of greeting on Sunday the 3,000 guests he invited to the race. In it he thanked them for accepting the invitation and expresses his admiration for their achievements after the natural disaster in spring. 'I regret that I can't be here with you personally today, but it is my heart,' wrote Ecclestone.

Clean soap box fastest

The actual race took place on Thursday instead: a soap box race. Local hero Kamui Kobayashi emerged victorious. As in Formula 1, that would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of his team. Among other things, Sauber team manager Beat Zehnder cheered him on with a Japanese headband.

Representation by 'Miss Schmidt'

auto motor and sport reporter Michael Schmidt missed the first time in Japan because of a splinted arm another Formula 1 Grand Prix for over 20 years. The news quickly made the rounds in the paddock. Williams even mentioned his abstinence in the internet column iWitness. The author of these lines brought the absence of her colleague in the Suzuka paddock without further ado the nickname Miss Schmidt.

Engineers scramble at Mercedes

Toro Rosso chief technology officer Giorgio Ascanelli is one of the guys who one often missed in Formula 1. The Italian has not fallen on the mouth and gave one of the best sayings in a long time at the press conference of the technical bosses on Friday. When asked about the new Mercedes GP technicians Geoff Willis and Aldo Costa and the record of five technical directors, he said: 'We could all go six to Mercedes and make eleven out of it. Mercedes could handle it, they pay well and I'm sure , we can agree on something. '

Bruno thinks of Uncle Senna

Bruno Senna presented the Ayrton Senna Foundation's' Senna Tri Campaign 'in Suzuka on Friday. The campaign is intended to commemorate Ayrton Senna's third title win 20 years ago and the charitable work of the foundation. Bruno Senna presented a colorless 'Sennatri' flag in Suzuka, which is to be printed with photos sent in by Senna fans by the season finale in Brazil. Senna willalso go to the start with a special Sennatri helmet from the GP Korea.

Vettel lets the tires smoke unnoticed

Hardly anyone noticed that Sebastian Vettel won his second world title in Car celebrated with two smoking donuts in front of the grandstand in the first corner. The images of the spinning Red Bull were not broadcast on the official television picture. The FIA ​​does not like it when pilots burn fuel and tires senselessly. Had it not been for a Japanese fan who had filmed the whole thing and uploaded it to Youtube, no one would have noticed except for the spectators along the route.

Japanese sit in the dark

The enthusiasm of the spectators at the The route in Suzuka knew no boundaries. After the race, the fans stayed in their seats until well after sunset. Except for forklifts, there wasn't much to see in the pit lane. As a reward for their endurance, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel showed up again with their trophies in front of the main stand two hours after crossing the finish line.

Vettel wants to pay for the crash

At the end of the crash Sebastian Vettel demolished the brand new front wing of his Red Bull for the first time. Since there were only two copies of the update part, team boss Christian Horner quickly had another one built and flown to Japan by private jet. The part arrived in Suzuka 20 minutes before qualifying. As Niki Lauda revealed, Sebastian Vettel has offered to cover the costs for the express air freight. 'That's around 150,000 euros', calculated flight expert Lauda. The fact that Vettel can take over the front wing from teammate Mark Webber, like last year at Silverstone, was never an issue. 'It was Sebastian's own fault that his copy broke. If there had been a technical problem, it would have been different,' Horner explained.


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