Radio paddock GP Italy 2013

Radio paddock Italy 2013
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F1 pilots forced to do good

B Bernie Ecclestone appeared as a surprise guest at the traditional driver briefing on the Friday before the race. The Formula 1 boss asked the pilots to come to a charity event in London on November 30th. FIA race director Charlie Whiting raises money for a cancer foundation. The ticket costs £ 5,000. Ecclestone threatened the pilots: 'If you don't come, you will pay 25,000.' Nobody dared to contradict.

Horner is surprised in the cinema

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was sitting in a London cinema for the world premiere of the Formula 1 film Rush when he found out about Daniel Ricciardo's appearance on the Red Bull house broadcaster Servus TV via SMS - in which the Australian was announced as the new Vettel team-mate for 2014. In the official Red Bull press release, which went around the world 13 minutes after the broadcast began, the team only quoted Horner and technical director Adrian Newey. The Austrian game with company boss Dietrich Mateschitz and consultant Helmut Marko did not have a say.

New Jersey's chances are 50:50

Bernie Ecclestone has inflated the provisional calendar to 22 Grand Prix. In addition to the draft that has already been published, there is now the race in New Jersey. The race in front of the Manhattan skyline is to take place either immediately before or after the Canadian GP. According to insiders, the chances that the organizer will find the necessary change are 50:50. According to FIA race director Charlie Whiting, the track is set up in three months. 'It will be very fast with steep inclines and declines.' A total of only 70,000 spectators fit on the area. The paddock is underground.

Webber not yet emotional

Mark Webber celebrated in the Red Bull- Motorhome said goodbye to the European motorsport season. Photos with highlights of his career were exhibited on the upper floor. Webber took it easy: 'I'm still there. It won't get emotional until the last race in Brazil. And I don't quite hang up my helmet either. I'll be back at some Formula 1 tracks with the Porsche. For example Spa. '

Alonso continues to focus on Formula 1

Fernando Alonso has after theAcquisition of the Euskaltel racing team. One week of intensive work was put into the project. 'The important decisions have been made. Now it's my sporting director's turn. We still have three months to prepare for the next season, which starts in Australia in January. We will consolidate the team next year so that we are ready in 2015.' Rumors that he would like to take a break in Formula 1 to look after his cycling team are denied by the Spaniard: 'For the next four to five years, 100 percent of my time will be dedicated to Formula 1.'

2014 lap times 4 to 5 seconds slower

Former Ferrari chief designer Rory Byrne appeared in Monza on Saturday . Michael Schumacher's successful designer has only worked part-time for Ferrari for years. With a view to the 2014 season, Byrne has intensified his work again: 'I work 110 days in Maranello, four weeks a year in my home country South Africa and the rest in Phuket. I haven't been as busy in years as I have been in years. I am fully involved in the chassis development of the new Ferrari. This will be the greatest technical challenge that has ever existed. ' Byrne predicts that the lap time will increase by four to five seconds. The engine concept and reduced aerodynamics only play a subordinate role. 'The new cars are 50 kilograms heavier. That is a heavy pound.'

McLaren celebrates Monza party on its 50th birthday

McLaren celebrated itself and its past in Monza. The racing team celebrated its 50th birthday on September 2nd. One of the many speakers was Tyler Alexander. A man from the very beginning. The American recalled the company's founder Bruce McLaren: 'Bruce had an incredible charisma, without even knowing it. People voluntarily worked their fingers for him. We didn't work for Bruce then, but with him.' The second oldest Formula 1 team gave a party in the paddock and remembered the old days in pictures, books and stories. On Sunday all team members wore special shirts and caps from that time. Fortunately, Jenson Button picked up at least one championship point. McLaren didn't deserve to go away empty-handed that day.

Whitmarsh takes a stand in the FIA ​​duel

Martin Whitmarsh is not one of the FIA ​​electors, but if you listened to his words in Monza, you know which side the McLaren team boss is on. Whitmarsh was exceptionally frank about the head-to-head race between Jean Todt and David Ward for president: 'During his tenure, Jean Todt was always an impartial president. He may not have interfered so vigorously in Formula One matters, but I did believe most of the teams hereappreciate his work. Todt can advance the sport. I haven't seen David Ward very often in the paddock. '

Maldonado offspring with bad timing

Pastor Maldonado has been flying back and forth between Europe and Venezuela over the past few weeks to be present at the birth of his child. Of course, the little daughter did not stick to the F1 plan. Less than 48 hours after arriving in Monza saw the light of day as little Victoria. 'That is the best thing that has happened to me this year,' said the father happily.

Late father happiness at Red Bull

Sleepless nights await Red Bull team boss Christian Horner as well. The Briton confirmed that he will soon be a father at 39 years of age I'm not the first to see this happen. I'm looking forward to it. But that will mess up a lot ', the soon-to-be-dad's comment.

Sirotkin sneaking into the Monza paddock

For Sauber's newcomer Sergey Sirotkin spent his first F1 race in Monza Racing weekend in team clothing. On the Friday before the first practice session, the Russian had to be on the track at 7.30 am to practice pit stops and do a photo shoot Arriving in a traffic jam. But thanks to a few Monza races in earlier years, the youngster knew a few secret secret routes in the Royal Park and quickly led the Swiss group to their destination.

Is Hülkenberg not getting any more money soon?

Some colleagues took note of the' Silly Season 'with its crazy driver rumors only with humor. On the subject of Hülkenberg's change, a popular joke: 'When Hülkenberg 2014 b ei Lotus drives, doesn't he get paid more there than at Sauber? ”Raikkonen's future at Ferrari also made for some funny comments. Mainly because of Rob Smedley, the current race engineer at Massa, who needs a lot of communication on the radio. 'His headset will probably come without a microphone next year', so the tenor.

High celebrity density in the GP Italy paddock

Monza is the new Monte Carlo - at least what the celebrities do -Density was concerned. Autograph hunters received signatures from football emperor Franz Beckenbauer, ski queen Maria Riesch, Brazil's ex-star striker Ronaldo, US basketball player Kevin Durant, Faithless front man Maxi Jazz, knight rider David Hasselhoff, motorcycle champion Mick Doohan and 'Mr. Bean 'Rowan Atikinson.

Ecclestone pays tribute to milestone

auto motor und sport photographer legend Dani Reinhard Bernie Ecclestone finally received the compulsory commemorative plaque for his 500th Grand Prix race in Monzapresented. Honored journalists and photographers from the F1-Zampano receive the silver pendant when they have reached the magical limit. This time, however, a little late. Reinhard broke the 500 race mark in Abu Dhabi in 2012.


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