Radio paddock GP Europe 2012

Radio paddock GP Europe 2012
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Turbo drives prices

F IA President Jean Todt has to do a lot of persuasion to make the V6 turbo engines for 2014 attractive to the teams. Today at Ferrari, Sauber pays eight million euros for the engine and one million for Kers. In 2014, prices are expected to rise to between 18 and 23 million, depending on the manufacturer. The cheapest price is offered by the private supplier Pure, for whom ex-Ferrari engineer Gilles Simon developed the engine. Engine and Kers should cost 14 million euros in the package. 'Even that is too expensive,' says Sauber managing director Monisha Kaltenborn.

Brown flag for Glock

Timo Glock had been struggling with food poisoning since Thursday. After the third training session, he had to go to the hospital. A start was an illusion. This reminded Formula 1 doctor Gary Hartstein of an old story: 'Nigel Mansell once informed us in Spa that he might have to stop suddenly in the race due to stomach problems. Prost called out: Then please keep out the brown flag.'

Dwindling spectators in Spain

The city of Valencia is groaning at the high cost of its city grand prix. This year, 106,000 paying viewers came over three days. In 2011 there were 161,000 visitors over the GP weekend. The number of visitors to Barcelona remained largely stable. It could even be increased slightly from 170,000 to 172,000. Nevertheless, the business is no longer worthwhile for Barcelona either. Around 250,000 tickets were sold in the golden years. The contract with Barcelona is running out. Bernie Ecclestone proposed the Germany model. Barcelona and Valencia host the Grand Prix alternately.

Part-time job for Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld reappeared in the Formula 1 paddock in Valencia on Sunday. The longtime Formula 1 driver didn't have a helmet under his arm, but a microphone in his hand. 'I'm replacing Anthony Davidson at Sky for a while,' said Heidfeld. This could be a longer job. Davidson broke two vertebrae in his Le Mans crash. 'He will probably be out for two to three months,' said Heidfeld.

Bosses drive German

The most powerful Menin motorsport are on the road with German car brands. And they enjoy the privilege of being allowed to park in the paddock. Bernie Ecclestone was chauffeured in a Mercedes as usual. FIA President Jean Todt was driven up in the Audi.

Water games in Valencia

Formula 1 is in Valencia not a guest on any street circuit, but on the site where the America's Cup took place until 2010. For this reason, Force India saw the whole weekend under a maritime motto. Team owner Vijay Mallya parked his magnificent yacht Indian Empress exactly so that everyone in the paddock could see it from the hospitality castles. Nico H├╝lkenberg and team-mate Paul di Resta ventured out on the water themselves and spent an hour and a half on an America's Cup sailing boat. 'Really impressive', said Hulkenberg after the sailing tour.

Want to buy glasses?

Screaming dealers with colorful glasses and fake watches in your jacket pocket are part of the street scene in southern Europe. So also in Valencia. On almost every street corner and in every pub you met the walking part-time opticians and jewelers. Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez also seemed to have met them. Because the two Sauber pilots posed amused in the paddock on Thursday with two neon glasses that covered almost their entire face.

Girlfriend instead of cockpit

If Timo Glock's team had seriously looked for a replacement after his upset stomach, two replacement pilots would have offered themselves. As always, Sebastien Buemi was in Valencia as a Red Bull substitute driver. Adrian Sutil was obviously bored and had also traveled to Valencia with his manager Manfred Zimmermann. The former Force India pilot was back in action for Sky as an expert. In addition, Sutil does not give up and is still looking for a Formula 1 cockpit. And what is he doing in the meantime? 'I do a lot of sport,' says Sutil, who still lives in Switzerland. 'I'm trying to keep up my program. If you've been so busy, you can't suddenly do nothing.' His girlfriend, on the other hand, is happy about the newly gained free time.

Pedal knights are coming

The bicycle industry in Valencia should have increased their sales significantly during the Grand Prix weekend. Because many from the Formula 1 circus did without a rental car and switched to bikes. Most of them had their hotels in the beautiful old town only two to three kilometers from the route. Too far for many to walk, but ideal for cycling. A small space in front of the TV compound was transformed into a full bicycle parking lot, as we know it from university.

The press caught cold

As a journalist, life in Valencia was more comfortable anyway. Those who still had time after work or before the start of work stopped by the beach, which is only about 15 minutes away on foot. Traditionally there was also free ice cream and chilled drinks in the press center this year.

F1 in euro fever

In our photo gallery we have the pictures from the race in Valencia again.


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