Radio paddock GP England 2012

Radio paddock GP England 2012
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Garden party at the Red Bull boss

D he festival has tradition. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner invites his team to his private home after the British GP. His large garden also suffered from the rainy summer in England. Horner suspected something bad after the Webber victory: 'My garden will look like the meadows of Silverstone.' The guests were gracious. This time nobody turned donuts in Horner's property.

Hamilton lets it smoke

Speaking of donuts: Despite the disappointing eighth place, Lewis Hamilton turned some smoking rings in front of his home fans after the race. The spectators in the stands acknowledged the action with loud cheers. The FIA ​​traditionally doesn't like such numbers. BBC commentator Jake Humphrey went on to say: 'This is the last time I will incite Lewis to donuts and promise him to pay the fine.'

Mansell is in the saddle

Nigel Mansell kept his promise. The world champion cycled 1,800 kilometers from the north coast of England to Paris over twelve days. The old fighter gritted his teeth. He fell off his bike six weeks earlier and broke his collarbone. A book about the charity campaign of the old master is to be published in winter.

FIA wants to examine Villota helmet

The accident of Marussia substitute driver Maria de Villota happened during a private test of the Racing teams. That's why the FIA ​​doesn't have to investigate it. Nevertheless, the world association is interested in the details of the accident. 'We want to examine the helmet and know what exactly went wrong,' said FIA race director Charlie Whiting. There will be no official accident report.

FIA is working on a new catalog of penalties

The FIA ​​authorities are currently discussing how to punish minor offenses on the racetrack in the future. What is meant are rule violations for which a drive-through penalty would be too severe. It is considered whether it is possible in such a case to slow down a driver by five seconds in one lap.

Fire victim back on board

At Williams they were happy about the return Martin Betts (nickname 'Barney'). The truckie suffered severe burns in the pit fire in Barcelona and was now back in the traditional team's garage for the first time. It will be two months before he can fully start working againlast.

Vettel pours Jackie Stewart

It was a new procedure for reconciliation with the fans. This time there was not only a round of interviews with the first three journalists, but also for the audience. Sir Jackie Stewart asked Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel questions on the podium, which could be heard over the loudspeakers around the track. Only the visitors on the main stand could see the prominent quartet. And with it the fun that Sebastian Vettel allowed himself with the old master. During the interviews, he emptied the rest of the champagne bottle over Stewart's tartan corduroy hat.

Iceman becomes Batman

Lotus presented a new major sponsor for the British GP. On the side box, Romain Grosjean and Kimi Räikkönen advertised the new Batman film. On Thursday even a 1: 1 model of the brutal Batmobile drove around on the home straight for the photo opportunity.

Formula 1 racers not suitable for rain

80,000 spectators were offered skim food on Friday. The teams saved tires because there are only three sets of bad weather tires per driver. Second excuse: the high risk of accidents. The cars skated over the puddles like surfers. Which once again showed that modern Formula 1 cars are not suitable for everyday use. What an indictment: When the historic GP cars of the supporting program went on the track, they had much less trouble with the wet element. The reasons are obvious: more ground clearance, a smaller area of ​​flat ground, a softer chassis, less sensitive aerodynamics.

Webber delights his dogs

Mark Webber has the second time Won British GP after 2010. The Australian explained his Silverstone secret like this: 'I live nearby and I sleep at home. Every evening I see my dogs and they don't care if I had a good day or a shitty day. They are always happy when they are.' See me. '

McLaren wins boxing duel

The McLaren pit stop training was worth it. Allegedly the McLaren mechanics practiced up to 800 tire changes before the GP England. At Silverstone they were clearly the fastest. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button spent just 99.401 seconds in the pit lane. Ferrari was in second place with 100.805 seconds, followed by Red Bull (102.181 s), Mercedes (110.208 s), Lotus (111.041 s) and Williams (111.254 s). Sports director Sam Michael demands: 'Our goal is an average of 2.5 seconds to stand still.'

Rich and prominent guests in the paddock

The Silverstone race also attracted a lot again Celebrities in the paddock. Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) was there. Hollywood actor Hugh Grant strolled across the grid. Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, let Bernie Ecclestone show him around. Multi-billionaire Chalerm Yoovidhya also came to the paddock. To the son of the recentlyThe late Thai Chaleo Yoovidhya owns the majority of the beverage manufacturer Red Bull.

Williams fans look down the pipe

Since Silverstone was renovated last year, the end of the pit lane is off the home straight through one high wall separated. This means that the view of the garages is blocked for fans of the main stand. Since there were complaints last year, the top teams were quickly moved to the middle of the pit lane. As a result, the fans of Williams in particular were now looking down the tube.

Austin learns from Silverstone

In Silverstone, a small delegation of the organizers from Austin came to see them once on site wanted to see how a Grand Prix works. For most of the members of the organizing team, Formula 1 is completely new territory. They were mainly withdrawn from the 'Kentucky Derby' horse race to Texas for the US Grand Prix in November. 'Everything is on schedule on the construction site,' was the answer when asked. 'During his last visit, race director Charlie Whiting told us that four months before the race in Austin it looked like it was in Korea four weeks before its premiere. We expect a full house: 120,000 spectators.'


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