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K ampf um electric blankets

In the regulations for 2021, tire heated blankets are prohibited. But many teams are trying to convince the FIA ​​and Pirelli again that it doesn't work without electric blankets. That annoys Alfa team manager Beat Zehnder: “Of course it works. The DTM has shown that the races will be better without the tire heating. Besides, it's cheaper. We save freight costs of 300,000 euros per year. We need a new set of electric blankets every four years. That costs 750,000 euros. ”

Brawn defends budget cap

Formula 1 boss Ross Brawn defends the planned budget cap, which is 175 million dollars and each A lot of exceptions are too high for many teams. “We had to compromise to start with. With this sum, the system is not under stress and can develop. Should a crisis come, we can reduce the limit. We now have a foot in the door, and that was important. ”

Extra points for the show

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner demands extra Points for the best show. “In Barcelona we delivered them with our drivers' duel. In qualifying in Montreal with Kevin crashing. ”Red Bull Sports Director Helmut Marko has another suggestion:“ We want extra points for the best overtaking maneuvers. The Verstappen usually wins. ”

No more men's sport

Lewis Hamilton thinks that Formula 1 driving has become too easy. “I get out of the car and don't even sweat. I could drive three races in a row with the cars. It used to be a men's sport. Today, young drivers get into our cars and are instantly quick with them. 'Romain Grosjean agreed with the world champion:' If I am out and about in a shifter kart for fun at the weekend, then it is more exhausting than a Formula 1 race. p>

Kubica and the bottle

In its preview of the Canadian GP, ​​Alfa Romeo once again recalled the Sauber team's only GP victory in 2008 in Montreal. It was mentioned that they had a replica of the champagne bottle in Hinwil that Robert Kubica got for his victory. The original is at BMW. Empty, of course. The cork is still on the copy. Rumors quickly circulated on the Internet that Kubica had forgotten to spray the champagne at the time. When Williams approached the Pole about it, he said: “Just google pictures of the award ceremony. You can all see that I'm spraying the champagne. “

The proof: Kubica splashed champagne in Montreal in 2008.

Big crowd in Spielberg

The organizer of the French GP sold 50 percent fewer tickets than last year. Red Bull says that ticket sales in Spielberg increased by 30 percent compared to 2018. And by then the house was already full. “We have set up an additional grandstand,” reveals Helmut Marko. 28,000 visitors are expected from Holland.

Father and son

It is Kevin Magnussen's dream to go to the 24 Hours of Le Mans with his father drive. This year, however, nothing will come of the plan. “If I do, I want to prepare properly for it. I don't have the time for that at the moment. ”

Big meeting

The FIA ​​and the Formula 1 management decided to keep the teams completely silent on questions to the regulations for 2021. After various meetings in Montreal, the FIA ​​has invited all team bosses, technical directors and drivers to Paris for a major crisis summit, which is due to take place on Thursday (June 13th, 2019). The decision to also invite the drivers was made at short notice after Lewis Hamilton complained that the drivers were never asked for their opinion.

Robin Herd died

One of the great Formula 1 designers died on June 4th after a long illness. Robin Herd began his career as an aerospace engineer. He was part of one of the many development teams for the Concorde supersonic aircraft. 1965 switched to motorsport. Bruce McLaren was looking for technicians for his design office. In 1969, Herd founded the March racing team together with Max Mosley, Alan Rees and Graham Coaker. Coaker died in a test accident at Silverstone in 1971. Later Rees and Mosley left the sinking ship, so that Herd remained from 1977 as the only one from the founding quartet. In 1989 he sold the team to Leyton House.


Haas sponsor Rich Energy had its logos removed from the car because of the trademark dispute against a bicycle manufacturer . On Twitter, the beverage company mobbed against the legal opponent and also againstother reviewers. A particularly embarrassing tweet has since been deleted. When Kevin Magnussen crashed his car in qualifying, Rich Energy was delighted that Max Verstappen had to retire early in Q2. The message was provided with the hashtag #betterthanredbull.

Haas had to remove the Rich Energy logo from the cars and equipment.

Wet surprise

In the race on Sunday Lando Norris' rear suspension burned out due to an overheating brake. After the race there was a cooling off. The McLaren mechanics threw the rookie into the Olympic rowing pool behind the paddock.

Break-in at Grosjean

Romain Grosjean had barely returned home, Burglars tried to get into his house through a window. The pilot courageously drove away the intruders and protected his family. 'My husband is a real hero,' wrote his wife Marion on her Instagram account.

Victory for Ferrari

Whenever Ferrari wins a race, will The flags were hoisted in front of the entrance to the Ferrari factory in Maranello. After the Canadian Grand Prix the sign of victory was seen again. Team boss Mattia Binotto had already stated after the race: 'For us Sebastian is the winner today.'

Expensive garages

Montreal has a new pit building with garages built that are twice as large as before. The rent of the garages and the team pavilions costs 50,000 euros per week. Sebastian Vettel thinks the facility is too perfect: “I liked the old camping atmosphere better.” And Lewis Hamilton was amazed at the fast construction time. “They've been building the bridge that leads across the river to the race track since I've been racing here.” So since 2007.


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