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Radio paddock GP Canada 2012
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Students vs. Formula 1

D demonstrations have been part of the cityscape in Montreal for two months. The students protest against the 70 percent increase in tuition fees. On the GP weekend, too, there were hunting scenes between the police and students in Montreal's streets. Formula 1 makes itself vulnerable because part of the $ 45 million entry fee is borne by the state, the city and the province of Quebec. The Grand Prix also brings in 100 million.

Rosberg Jr. overtakes the senior

Keke Rosberg won the 1982 World Championship with just one victory. It was a similar season to this one. Eleven different victories in seven different cars. Can he give his son Nico a tip? 'This is the last area where my father can give me advice,' grinned Nico. Incidentally, Rosberg Junior drove his 115th Grand Prix in Canada - one more than the senior.

Customer car idea finally died

The unfortunate customer car idea is dead. Ferrari and Red Bull had tried in vain to make them palatable to the rest. According to their plan, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus and Williams would have built the cars. The rest would have gone shopping at these six manufacturers. Teams like Sauber and Force India protested. Who wanted to forbid them to build cars? Some teams even threatened to go to an EU court.

Seven winners, part 2

There are no seven winners in the first seven races of the year? Guessed wrong. They existed before Formula 1 in 2012. In the Formula 2 European Championship in 1981. And so this season started: Silverstone: Winner Mike Thackwell, Hockenheim: Winner Stefan Johansson, Thruxton: Winner Roberto Guerrero, Nürburgring: Winner Thierry Boutsen, Vallelunga: winner Eje Elgh, Mugello: winner Corrado Fabi, Pau: winner Geoff Lees. The spell was only broken at the eighth run in Enna. Thierry Boutsen ended the series. If Formula 1 sticks to this series, then the winner in Valencia should be the winner of the fourth race. That was Sebastian Vettel in Bahrain.

Rest day for Bernd Mayländer

Montreal 2012 was out of line. Normally the safety car belongs to the Canadian GP like the Isle de Notre Dame belongs to Montreal. The safety car has been deployed 25 times since 1997. This time everything stayed calm. Rarely have the drivers been so disciplined. In the first round there was not a single one in the top tenOvertaking maneuvers took place.

Webber in Action

Mark Webber practiced as a skydiver during the break between Monte Carlo and Montreal. But only in the wind tunnel. 'Jon DeVore showed me a few tricks, we parachuted around, but I don't know if I would have the nerve to jump out of an airplane.' Webber prefers to stay on earth. His personal highlight was a visit to the Isle of Man TT week. The Monaco winner was there for the second time: 'In 2008 I did a lap in the car. What the guys are doing on the motorcycles is absolutely crazy. The Isle of Man is a must for every motorsport fan.'

Champions in the paddock

The paddock was full of ex-world champions. On and off the track. Niki Lauda is a familiar face as an RTL reporter. Jacques Villeneuve also worked for television. Emerson Fittipaldi was only there to watch. And Mario Andretti came to Austin as the new ambassador for the US GP in November.

Toro Rosso in the Formula 1 circus

The two Toro Rosso drivers organized the Cirque de Soleil in Montreal a visit. Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo didn't just watch the circus show, they got involved themselves. Behind the scenes, the F1 drivers tried their hand at acrobatic exercises at lofty heights.

Sebastian Vettel with big eggs

Sebastian Vettel traveled to New York directly after the Canadian Grand Prix to do the first lap of the new New Jersey racetrack in a promotional campaign for team sponsor Infiniti. In addition to the driving action, there was also an invitation to talk host David Letterman. There the world champion said that you need 'really big eggs' on the hilly and fast street circuit on the other side of the Hudson to be fast.

Austin on schedule

FIA- Race director Charlie Whiting traveled from Montreal to the second new US track in Austin, Texas, to see for himself the construction progress. After the short on-site visit, the technical delegate of the world association was satisfied. 'I expect a motorsport complex in a class of its own.' Everything seems to be on schedule so that the first race can take place in mid-November. In August Whiting wants to look again to be on the safe side. The final inspection then follows 60 days before the Grand Prix.

Technical breakdowns at Mercedes

At Mercedes, there was a lot of football fever on Saturday. In front of the team pavilion, Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher watched the German team's first European championship match. In the middle of the first half the sound suddenly fell out. The commentator could only be heard again in the second half. Not everything went smoothly for the two drivers either. At Rosberg there was a problem with the fuel line in the third training session. At Schumacher, the rear wing also went on strike after the timing error in qualifying. A fellow reporter later wrote: 'ThatSchnitzel at football was the best that Mercedes Schumi served this weekend. '

In our photo gallery we have again the pictures from the race in Montreal.


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