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Radio paddock GP Brazil 2011
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Piquet provokes the fans

N Elson Piquet was back in a Formula 1 car after a long time. The three-time world champion turned four much acclaimed laps in Interlagos on race day with his 1981 Brabham BT49C. In the last lap, the now 59-year-old Brazilian made an affront. Suddenly he pulled out a flag of the Rio football club Vasco da Gama in the cockpit and drove it for a walk in front of the amazed audience. An affront to the rivalry between the two largest Brazilian cities. On this weekend, of all times, the decision between Vasco da Gama and the Corinthians from Sao Paulo was made in the Brazilian championship. The daily newspapers from Sao Paulo devoted almost as much space to Piquet's flag trip on the Monday after the race as to the Grand Prix.

Dinner with Jenson

The last Grand Prix des Year is the race of invitations. Jenson Button paid the English journalists a meal in a churrascaria. So meat as much as you can eat. Rubens Barrichello invited the Williams team to go karting.

Villeneuve was too dangerous in the Indy final

Jacques Villeneuve suddenly appeared in the paddock at Interlagos. 'I'm only here on vacation,' said the Canadian. This year Villeneuve contested isolated stock car races for the South American championship. 'Next year I want to drive a full championship again. I'm still looking for opportunities.' The 1997 world champion had canceled the invitation to the IndyCar final in Las Vegas, in which Dan Wheldon was killed, despite the prize money of five million dollars. 'Exactly for this reason. When 34 people drive a small oval, there are always a few weirdos or beginners who can cause accidents. Nothing against risk, but that was too big for me. I know what it means to be 300 To fly things into a wall. '

Clean tip in terms of punishment

Virgin summed up the last punishment of the year. The English racing team received a fine of 5,000 euros for the loose wheel on Timo Glock's car. The FIA ​​received a total of 94,600 euros from five teams and 17 drivers. The front runners were the Sauber team with a fine of 20,000 euros and Bruno Senna, who was charged with a total of 12,000 euros for two offenses.

Piquet Jr. is looking for happiness in the Nascar

Nelson Piquetbrought his whole family to the Brazilian GP. Including son Nelsinho, who until two years ago drove in Formula 1 for Renault. Nelsinho has just completed his second season in the Nascar truck series. 'For me, oval driving was a completely new beginning. I managed a few second places this year and will be racing there for my third season in 2012.' Piquet junior does not want to make the mistake of many monoposto drivers and rush into the large Nascar series with the StockCars. 'That remains my goal. I want to be the first Formula 1 driver to win a Nascar race on an oval. Montoya has so far only achieved one victory on a circuit.' Piquet is not entirely correct. Mario Andretti won the Daytona 500 in 1967.

FIA intensifies front wing tests

Bad news for Red Bull, Ferrari and all the teams that have fluttered wings in development. The FIA ​​will tighten the load tests for the front wings for the coming season. The maximum permitted deformation in the static load test is to be reduced from 20 to ten millimeters for a weight of 100 kilograms.

Red Bull: 203 million euros for the world title

The UK Companies House has published the budgets of the Formula 1 teams based in England for the 2010 season. Accordingly, Red Bull was Sebastian Vettel's first world title worth 175 million pounds (203 million euros). In second place on the money-burning list is McLaren with 135 million pounds (160 million euros), followed by Mercedes with 126 million pounds (146 million euros), Renault 122 million pounds (142 million euros), Williams 85 million (99 million euros) and Force India with 74 million pounds (86 million euros).

Cup from the depths

Main sponsor Petrobras had a special feature built into the trophies for the top three. A light-colored stone was placed in a golden ring on the upper part of the trophies, which was lifted into daylight from an oil field 5,000 meters below the sea. A reason to be happy for trophy collector Sebastian Vettel.

Rubens still has to drive 212 races

Rubens Barrichello advertised himself for his home race In 2012, at the age of 40, he can still go into his 20th Formula 1 season. 'Actually, my middle name should be changed to Rubens F1 Barrichello,' grinned the long-running favorite, who always wants five cell phones with him during the winter break so as not to miss a call. The younger generation of drivers knows no Formula 1 without the Brazilian. Sebastian Vettel had even falsely spread the claim that Barrichello had competed in more than half of all Grand Prix races ever driven. With 323 out of 858 races, the oldie 'only' achieved a rate of 37.6 percent. Did he really want to be 50Percent come, Barrichello would have to drive 212 more Grand Prix.

Ronaldo Jr. has no desire to Formula 1

After his visit to Abu Dhabi, the Brazilian ex-soccer star Ronaldo was also a guest at the home race in Sao Paulo. His little son Alex was there, but he didn't really feel like Formula 1. 'Let's go home now,' said the junior when Ronaldo gave an interview for the BBC before the start. Moderator Jake Humphrey asked the six-year-old if he was looking forward to the upcoming Grand Prix, the little one replied tersely but clearly: 'No.'

Button 2011 better than Vettel 2010

Something else for fans of statistics: The three pilots on the Brazil podium were also the first three in the drivers' standings in the end. With his win, Mark Webber passed Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard's anger will be limited. Now at least he doesn't have to travel to India for the official FIA gala. Two more interesting figures: Sebastian Vettel would have made third place in the constructors' cup on his own with his 392 championship points - ahead of Ferrari. And Jenson Button had 270 points at the end of this season, twelve points more than Vettel 2010 in his world champion year.

Vettel in the Mansell look

After he When Nigel Mansell had broken the pole position record, Sebastian Vettel was seen together with his mechanics with glued mustaches. 'It grew suddenly,' grinned the German. Vettel had seen the art schnauzer in an airport shop and spontaneously struck it for the record case.


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