Radio paddock GP Belgium 2013

Radio paddock Belgium 2013
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Shell gets a lot of publicity

Shell was the main sponsor of the Belgian GP. On Sunday missed Greenpeace activists broadside to the oil multi from Holland because of oil drilling in the Arctic. Three days earlier, Shell received a lot of applause from the motorsport fans. Ferrari's gasoline supplier had many films made from Grand Prix events in the 1950s. These include the 1955 Belgian GP on the old 14.1 kilometer circuit at Spa-Francorchamps. The 25-minute black and white film that is available at Y ouTube gives a wonderful insight into a carefree, but also dangerous time. See for yourself.

Vettel hairstyle makes headlines

Sebastian Vettel surprised the paddock in Spa with a head of blond hair. When asked which hairdresser was involved, the answer was that nature was responsible for it. 'When I was on vacation in France, the sun bleached my hair.' For the tabloids and RTL, Vettel's new outfit was the topic of the weekend. Vettel shook his head: 'Is there really nothing more important?'

Belgian GP qualification more exciting than race

The qualification for the Belgian GP was a real thriller in three acts. Much better than the race that was decided after just 35 seconds. We haven't seen so much tension over all three qualifying stages in a long time. Part 3 shot the bird. There were four drivers on pole position within 12 seconds. From Nico Rosberg to Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel to Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton sees pole position in the rear-view mirror

Lewis Hamilton knew in Q3 qualifying after crossing the Finish line doesn't show how good his time is. The engineers had shown an incorrect reference value on his display. 'I looked at the video board on the home straight through the rearview mirror to see the reaction of my team. They cheered. Then I knew: the lap was probably not that bad.'

Technical draftsman celebrates 700th Grand Prix

auto motor and sport draftsman Giorgio Piola celebrated a unique anniversary at the Belgian GP. The Italian, born in 1948, has been manufacturing 1970 technical drawings of racing cars and their details. With 700 GP appearances, Piola is the longest-serving Formula 1 journalist. It is a shame that neither the FIA ​​nor Bernie Ecclestone recognized his commitment for over 44 years.

Lauda has to leave early

Niki Lauda will probably only be available as an expert at RTL for a short time after the Italian GP. The Austrian has to be so fast as possible to the airport to jet to Toronto, where the film Rush will be premiered for the American and Canadian audiences on the same evening. The film is about the duel between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in 1976.

Who will succeed Ricciardo at Toro Rosso?

If Daniel Ricciardo makes it to Red Bull, a cockpit will be free at Toro Rosso. Everyone assumes that Felix da Costa will then become Jean-Eric Vergne's new team-mate. But the Red Bull Junior is going through a form depression in the Renault world series. After 12 of 18 races, the Portuguese is only fifth with 95 points. McLaren Juniors Kevin Magnussen (163) and Stoffel Vandoorne (136), as well as Will Stevens (101) and Nigel Melker (100) have left the championship favorites behind. There are voices from Brazil that GP2 star Felipe Nasr is knocking at Toro Rosso with money from Banco do Brasil and Sky Brazil. Magnussen could have an apprenticeship year at Marussia in 2014 with a cash injection from McLaren. For Button protégé Vandoorne, Formula 1 is still one year too early.

Bearing damage leads to Rosberg failure

Mercedes had time during the summer break to dismantle Nico Rosberg's broken engine at the Hungarian GP. You now know that a bearing has rubbed in, but you don't know why. The last engine failure before that was five years ago. Heikki Kovalainen's valve broke in Fuji in 2008.

Sutil in a Rolls Royce to the Belgian GP

Adrian Sutil came to Spa-Francorchamps very feudally in a Rolls Royce Ghost. The Force India driver received the luxury body from the British manufacturer for the Grand Prix weekend. Usually Sutil prefers sporty models in his private life.

Symonds new Williams conductor

Pat Symonds After his move from Marussia, he appeared on the racetrack for the first time in a Williams dress. The new head of technology will probably not be able to solve the current misery anytime soon. He primarily takes care of the new car. The veteran is optimistic that things will look up again in 2014. 'I'll compare mineTask often with a conductor in an orchestra. I think we have some very good musicians. We just have to improve the vote and play the same piece to bring the success back. '

Raikkonen sick - or not

Kimi Raikkonen was excused on Thursday. Due to illness, according to the official explanation. The lively pilot did not want to confirm that one day later. Only this much: 'There are always reasons why something happens.' That he just wanted to avoid the press, but didn't vote. 'I wouldn't have said anything different yesterday than I said today,' grumbled the Iceman.

Maldonado expects offspring

Pastor Maldonado flew back to Venezuela after the Belgian GP. The Williams driver is expecting offspring and wants to be with his wife GP Italy, but you never know. In the end, the little one shows up a little earlier than planned, but he didn't have his crash s to do with a waiting plane.

Hamilton in the music studio

Lewis Hamilton spent the summer break in the USA. It is much more relaxed there because he is not always recognized on the road, explained the Mercedes driver. Hamilton reported that he had little vacation and trained a lot. In between the Briton also spent some time in the music studio to advance his own project. And when do we hear about it? 'That depends on what it sounds like when I'm done,' grinned the pilot.


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