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Radio paddock GP Bahrain
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S ilverstone stays

The GP England in Silverstone will most likely stay on the calendar. In May, the contract with the oldest Grand Prix in history is to be extended. A big party for the 70th birthday with all F1 icons and world champions is already planned for 2020. The celebrations for the 1000th Grand Prix in China, on the other hand, are relatively meager. Due to high transport costs and strict customs regulations, only one historic car will make its rounds in Shanghai. Damon Hill drives Jim Clark's Lotus 49. Plans to bring Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Tyrrell cars to China failed.

48,000 tickets gone

Advance sales for the German GP going well, but not as well as last year. 48,000 tickets have been sold, 6,000 fewer than in 2018 at the same time. Managing Director Georg Seiler mourns the Formula 2, which does not drive in Hockenheim: 'Mick Schumacher would certainly have brought us many fans.' The media hype surrounding Mick Schumacher in the early stages of his Formula 2 career should give the Formula 1 management something to think about. It would be worth it to squeeze a 13th event into the Formula 2 calendar. A Formula 2 race is not free for the organizers. The second category costs an extra $ 1 million entry fee.

Leclerc's biggest disappointment

Anyone who believes that the stolen first GP victory in Bahrain was for Charles Leclerc bitterest pill in his racing life, he was wrong. “The 2017 Formula 2 races in Monte Carlo were worse.” At the time, Leclerc retired twice in his home race with suspension damage after being touched. After Leclerc's bad luck with the engine, Formula 1 is still waiting for its 108th GP winner.

Like in war

Nico Hülkenberg had himself in his wildest dreams Place 13 or 14 after the starting lap of the GP Bahrain. But then the Renault driver, who had started from 17th position, appeared in eleventh place after one lap. “The starting lap was like a war,” laughed Hulkenberg. “I was in the middle of the rain of sparks, I passed right and left. That was really close a couple of times, and I was very lucky. But this round was really fun. '

Strap yourselves in for a fast and furious first lap with @ HulkHulkenberg ? ? # F1 #BahrainGP ??

- Formula 1 (@ F1) 1 . April 2019
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World Cup points for Thailand

Alexander Albon made history with his 9th place. It has been almost 65 years since a driver with a Thai license won championship points. The last before Albon was Prince Birabongse Bhanutej Bhanubhandhu. The king's grandson finished 4th in a Maserati at the French GP in Reims on June 4, 1954. As a reminder: It was the comeback race for Mercedes.

Triple victory for Mercedes

When crossing the finish line at the Bahrain GP, ​​one could also claim a triple victory for Mercedes speak. Safety car driver Bernd Mayländer escorted Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas on the last lap. For the first time since the Chinese GP in 2015, the field crossed the finish line under no overtaking rules.

Russell is putting on weight

So far, he was in Formula 1 -Drivers starving. With the new rule that the driver can weigh up to 80 kilos, one or the other sin is allowed. Williams driver George Russell increased from 66 kilos to 72 kilos. “But not just because of the turkey for Christmas. I've also trained more muscles. I feel much better. And my girlfriend says that I look better. ”

Vietnam in April

The first simulation round for the new Formula 1 track from Hanoi. The Vietnam Grand Prix is ​​scheduled to take place in April 2020.

Funeral on April 9

Bahrain also honored former FIA race director Charlie Whiting with greats Posters that said 'Thank you Charlie'. The Englishman who died in Melbourne is not forgotten. Whiting's funeral is scheduled for April 9th. There should be a commemoration in July.

Motorsport Images
The late FIA ​​race director Charlie Whiting was remembered in Bahrain.

Sponsor unmasked Kimi

How did Sauber know at the Australian GP who the tear-off visor came from, which pasted the left rear brake shaft on Kimi Raikkonen's car and the temperature on the brake caliper drifted to 260 degrees? A sponsor sticker on the slide exposed Kimi. It was the Thai beer brand 'Singha'. Only Raikkonen has this sponsor on his helmet.

Beard like Mansell

Sebastian Vettel has recently started wearing a mustache. When asked whether Nigel Mansell encouraged him to do so, Vettel replied: “Why not? I thought Mansell was good. Didn't you call him the lion in the cockpit? ”

Seidl in the paddock

The former Porsche LMP1 boss Andreas Seidl was spotted in the paddock. Still in civilian clothes. Officially, his work at McLaren doesn't start until May 1st. Like DTM boss Gerhard Berger, Seidl was a guest of Crown Prince Salman.

Brundle in ring fever

Sky expert Martin Brundle raved about his debut at the North loop. “The track is amazing.” He plans to compete in more VLN races with his son Alex.

Wins for the cup

Sebastian Vettel has four Won the Bahrain GP for the first time. This suggests that he likes the racetrack in the stone desert. 'Actually not particularly,' corrects the Ferrari star. “I love to win here because I like the trophies so much. It's not as cheap junk as in many other races. ”The Gold Cup weighs an impressive 11 kilograms.

The Bahrain Cupis particularly popular with drivers.

Own brake scoops

The list of parts which every team has to build themselves, has been expanded to include brake ventilation. The rule will come into force in 2020.

Ferrari idea rejected

During an FIA measurement after the Australian GP, ​​air pressures were on the rear tires across the board measured, which suggested that the tires were below the required limit of 19.5 PSI during the race. Very extreme for a team. Ferrari's proposal to measure tire pressures while driving in the future and to get sinners to the pits immediately was rejected by all other teams.

Third starting light

From the GP China, Formula 1 wants to use a third starting light. Like the second, it should initially be installed on the pit wall. In Bahrain they made do with a small additional traffic light with only two lights. The drivers from the back row of the grid had complained that the wide rear wings blocked their view. George Russell: 'I only saw the traffic light in Melbourne in the reflection of the windows in the pit building.'

Photographer changing tires

At Mercedes, they took a beating special experiment. Photographer Paul Ripke was tested as a member of the pit crew. The German threw himself into the fireproof overalls, stretched himself very well before his assignment and finally tried his hand at the jack. Take a look, the >> video is definitely entertaining.

Celebrities in the desert

A few celebrities were honored at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Probably the most noticed VIP: David Beckham. He met with Lewis Hamilton and Christian Horner, among others. The ex-footballer also had the honor of waving the checkered flag. Also spotted: Actress Catherine Zeta Jones and Prince Andrew, the Queen's son, with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughter Beatrice.

Triple dedication after Pole premiere

Charles Leclerc looked very calm and sorted after his pole position. Emotions were rather in short supply. Perhaps you just couldn't see what was going on in the Monegasque? In any case, his words were moving: 'I dedicate this Pole to my father, Jules and Charlie.' Leclerc's father died in 2017, with Jules Bianchi Leclerc was close friends and with Charlie he remembered FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting, who had died at the Australian GP.


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