Radio paddock GP Bahrain 2015

Radio paddock GP Bahrain 2015
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Correct safety car instead of virtual safety car

V ier races, and no virtual safety car yet. Will we ever see the measure that was born as a consequence of the Jules Bianchi accident? Allegedly, Bernie asked Ecclestone to bring a real safety car onto the track in case of doubt, because it compresses the field and thus rekindles the tension. With a virtual safety car, the distances remain the same. The FIA ‚Äč‚Äčexperts deny that. In Australia and Malaysia, the real safety car was used because the incidents happened shortly after the start, when the field was still close together. In China, the race had to be neutralized in the last three laps. With a virtual safety car, the cars would have arrived at the destination at long intervals and at slow speeds. For the TV picture and the photos it looked better to have the whole field together.

Development aid from partner teams

Ferrari does it with Haas F1. McLaren is said to be planning the same with Manor. The two teams look for a partner whom they can supply with components such as transmission, hydraulics, electronics, steering and of course the engine. The 2015 Ferrari chassis will then be the basis of the 2016 Haas F1. The 2016 Manor is to be built on the scaffolding of the 2015 McLaren. The two privileged customers have to develop the aerodynamics themselves. The trick: you do it in the same wind tunnel as the A-Team. This gives the senior partner additional wind tunnel time. This is currently limited to 20 hours per week per team. There are rumors that Red Bull is considering a similar model. Allegedly, the GP2 racing team Arden should take over the role of the B team. Arden belongs to Red Bull team boss Christian Horner and his father Garry.

Williams made of marzipan

Frank Williams celebrated his 73rd birthday in Bahrain. The wheelchair general received a Williams FW34 in marzipan from his team. Williams remembered his first Formula 1 race as team boss: 'It was in 1969, with a privately driven Brabham in Barcelona. Piers Courage was my driver. We were very poor. I stayed in a VW camper with my mechanic.' /p>

A typical Maldonado

pastorMaldonado scored six championship points at the Chinese GP. He was lying in front of his team mate Romain Grosjean when he shot into the emergency exit in the pit entrance and left it there for 30 seconds. Maldonado blamed weakening brakes. Telemetry told a different story. The Venezuelan braked the left turn in the pit entrance 23 meters later than usual.

On the hunt for horns and nail clippers

Large security presence in Bahrain. We counted 26 police cars on the way from the hotel to the race track. In addition, an X-ray machine for all vehicles at the entrance to the race track. All spectators and participants then had to go through a security gate like at the airport. The long list of forbidden souvenirs includes sticks, drinks, mirrors, laser pointers, nail clippers, horns and signs with political messages.

Bahrain 'takes care' of journalists

Journalists will be on arrival Received at the airport by a minder from the organizing committee. First of all, the passport is collected, which is only given back after the entry procedure. Before the immigration, there is also a photographer waiting to take pictures of the media representatives together with their name tags. After the souvenir photo for the Stasi files, a chauffeur takes you straight to the hotel.

Discussion about new technology rules

FIA race director Charlie Whiting met with five chief technology officers in Bahrain for an informal discussion about the future of Formula 1. It's about new rules for cars and engines from 2017. On May 14th, things will get serious. Then the first proposals have to be put on the table within the framework of the strategy group. A majority decision in all committees is sufficient by March 1, 2016.

F1 barbecue party with paying fans

The Paddock Club comes to the paddock. Formula 1 made a pilot test in Bahrain. Paddock Club visitors were allowed to party in the paddock on Friday afternoon for an extra $ 850. There they met drivers and team members at a barbecue evening in a relaxed atmosphere. In the future, this should become an integral part of the program on most racetracks. Formula 1 would be well advised to give away 50 extra tickets among the spectators. In order to bring the exclusive paddock experience closer to normal fans as well.

Motor experts fly to Bahrain

Renault chose the wrong place for its engine damage in Shanghai. Actually, the French engineers would have liked to send the defective engines directly to the headquarters in Viry-Chatillon for inspection. However, according to Chinese customs regulations, the entire F1 freight mustleave together. So all the material went straight to Bahrain. To avoid further delays, Renault let its experts fly into the desert. The inspection of the damaged engines was carried out in the garage on the track.

Grosjean's birthday break

Romain Grosjean celebrated its 29th birthday in Bahrain on Friday. As a gift, his team let him stew on the substitute bench in the first training session. The party was not held until the evening. After his media round, Grosjean got a chocolate cake with strawberries.

Nasr with Arabic roots

The family of Felipe Nasr emigrated to Brazil from Lebanon in the 1960s. Out of respect for his roots, the Sauber driver painted the word 'Sieg' in Arabic script on the helmet. The fans in Bahrain could read it. Nasr himself doesn't speak Arabic at all - instead Portuguese, Italian and English. The most important connection to his grandparents' homeland was his grandmother's Lebanese food. Grandma was visited every Saturday when Felipe was still living in Brazil.

Allison's attempt at cheating is exposed

In a personal interview with the British Guardian, Ferrari chief technology officer James Allison admitted that he would have preferred to become a fighter jet pilot in the British military than an engineer. But because the Oxfordshire man is color blind, the dream never came to an end. In order to be accepted into the military, Allison even tried to shit in the so-called 'Ishihara color chart test'. 'You can also recognize the hidden numbers and characters from the arrangement of the fields without distinguishing the colors. I studied extra books on this. But the doctor noticed that it always took me half a second to solve it. Then he did presented me with another test that unfortunately couldn't be cheated. '

Hembery celebrates soccer title

Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery not only had his eyes on the track in Bahrain on Saturday. The Briton also watched the football match between his favorite club Bristol City FC and Coventry. Bristol was able to secure the championship in the third British division early. A 0-0 draw against Coventry was enough. 'It's the first title ever. After 60 years of lousy performance, there is finally something to celebrate.'

Corrections to the Williams box

The name tags above the Williams box moved in Bahrain attracts attention. On Wednesday 'Williams Martini Racing' was still written over the garage. The 'Martini' was hastily pasted over because of the ban on alcohol advertising. What was not corrected was the misspelled name of Valtteri Bottas. The first name of the Finn wasas 'Vallteri'.


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