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Radio paddock GP Bahrain
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Todt with criticism of critics

F IA President Jean Todt was annoyed by the coverage of the situation in Bahrain. 'I can live with any criticism. Even if people write that the race in Bahrain should have been canceled. But it is bad when journalists arrive with the firm intention of having to confirm what they announced in their preliminary coverage. Force.' India was not the victim of an attack, but by chance got caught in a confrontation between the police and the demonstrators. If the demonstrations that took place in Bahrain over the weekend were serious riots, how do you understand the riots in the suburbs of Paris and London Describe the past year? '

Vettel delayed

Most of the pilots came to the kingdom as late as possible because of the explosive situation in Bahrain. Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel did not arrive until Thursday morning. Vettel, however, involuntarily. 'My flight on Wednesday evening had been canceled.'

Massa's little one like a big one

Felipe Massa traveled to Bahrain with kids. Unlike most of his colleagues, the Brazilian lived in a hotel in the city. He proudly showed a video on his cell phone of his two-year-old son diving into the pool of the hotel complex. 'He can swim. And he plays football like a world champion,' said his father happily.

Thin stands

Allegedly 28,000 spectators came to Bahrain over the three days International Circuit. We didn't see them. Half an hour before the start, any driver could have shaken hands with the spectators in the main grandstand, there weren't any.

F1 drivers on DTM excursion

The Mercedes Drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg will be on site at the DTM kick-off next weekend in Hockenheim and bring a bit of Formula 1 atmosphere to the touring car festival. The winning cars from Shanghai 2012 and Monza 1955 are also to be shipped to Hockenheim.

Lotus does not receive any money from Lotus

With the sale of Proton to a Malaysian car accessories company, I switched also Lotus the owner. Under Malaysian law, the new owner can stop all spending for the next 60 days. The Formula 1 team is not affected. 'We don't get any money from Lotus and we have foresightlast November secured the naming rights until 2017 ', explained team owner Gerard Lopez. It will be tight for the Lotus projects in Le Mans, the GP2 series and the Indy Cars. Money has to flow there. Otherwise Lotus can use its Indy Car engine crush immediately.

Bird strike at Rosberg

Nico Rosberg had a somewhat different kind of animal encounter on Friday. The Mercedes driver met at around 200 km /h a bird on the helmet. 'I thought, God, what is that?' said Rosberg. 'It was a hard impact. The bird exploded. But nothing happened. 'At least not Rosberg. But the bird did. His helmet man from Schuberth was then allowed to wipe the blood off the visor.

Force India with fear in the dark

On the Wednesday before the race, Force India mechanics got into an altercation between police and protesters in which a Molotov cocktail exploded near their car. Force India canceled the second training session on Friday due to safety concerns within the team The official reason in the team's press release was for “logistical reasons.” Rumor had it that Force India wanted to save engines because they were short on cash.

Force India not in the picture

On Saturday the next excitement: During the qualification, Force India cars were not in the TV picture, allegedly as a punishment for being the traini boycotted ng. There was also a second version here. Force India did not cover the lettering of its alcohol sponsors on the car. One does not want to snub the Arabs like that. Bernie Ecclestone said cynically: 'People want to see the fastest, not the cars that are taking tenth place.'

Dangerous situation for Sauber

Force India wasn't the only team that met protesters. Sauber team members also met members of the protest movement on Thursday. Shortly before 9 p.m., the twelve mechanics in the minibus saw fire on the central reservation of the highway and masked figures on the road. The team bus drove past the situation on the right side of the road. Nobody was injured.

Journalists temporarily locked up

On the Thursday evening before the race, more and more people gathered at the gate in front of the press parking lot. The exit to the parking lot was locked. Some already suspected overzealous security measures. But after a few minutes the impatient media representatives were allowed to march on. The simple reason: someone locked the gate too early. Those responsible first had to get the key.

Formula 1 website hacked

Before the Bahrain Grand Prix, the activist group Anonymous announced that the official Formula 1 website would be formula1. hack com. The page was on Friday eveningbriefly attacked and replaced with the text 'Formula None'. After that, the website worked again without any problems.

Increased security measures

At the entrance to the paddock, the police carried out security checks as at the airport. The result: the journalists' drinks stocks were reduced to zero. Coke cans and water bottles disappeared in the garbage can. Pens were even removed from some colleagues. Security checks are not uncommon in Formula 1. In Singapore the controls are even stricter than in Bahrain.

Swiss people with a heart for herbivores

As a vegetarian, it is not easy in the paddock. The rescue for herbivores in the 2012 season is the Sauber team. The Swiss have a heart for vegetarians. At every Grand Prix, chef Stefan Brülisauer conjures up meat-free dishes. In Bahrain it was once again particularly delicious.

Rain over the desert

The GP Bahrain was an exciting race with numerous overtaking maneuvers. It would have been even better if it had happened 24 hours later on Monday. Just in time for the start time at 3 p.m. it began to drizzle over the desert state. At 3:15 p.m., a 15-minute thunderstorm fell over Bahrain. Then it dried off until the sky opened its locks again at 4 p.m.


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