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F ormel-1 fans have surely already been on the release The date of the new racing game 'F1 2018' is eagerly awaiting. Just in time for the end of the summer break, the time has finally come. From August 24th, the Hobby-Hamiltons can again compete against the living room-Vettels. It starts with the so-called Headline Edition, which can already be pre-ordered from participating dealers.

As always, all racing cars of the current 2018 season are of course represented. Sauber and McLaren fans can finally use it to drive their favorite cars in the new paintwork. Even if the risk of injury in virtual crashes is significantly lower than in real life, the racing cars in the game are of course all equipped with a Halo cockpit bar.

New classics for F1 2018

Codemasters /F1 2018
The Brawn GP 001 from 2009 is now also available in the virtual garage.

In addition to the new cars, a number of iconic classics are available in the virtual garages, as usual. In addition to the 12 cars that were already playable in the previous version, there are now eight 'new' old racing cars, including legendary models such as the Lotus 72D (1972), the Ferrari 312 T2 (1976) or the McLaren M23D (1976).

With the 2009 Brawn MGP001 and the 2003 Williams-BMW FW25, two modern classics have also made it into the portfolio. They are already included in the Headline Edition. If you buy a normal version, you can download it later for a fee.

The current drivers of the season are of course included in all versions of the official F1 2018 Games - including the two rookies Charles Leclerc and Sergey Sirotkin. The developers are afterown information worked again on the realistic representation of the people. You can see for yourself how true to the original Vettel, Verstappen, H├╝lkenberg and Co. are in the game in the gallery.

Hockenheim and Paul Ricard in the racing calendar

Codemasters /F1 2018
The 21 tracks of the current calendar are all playable - plus some special courses.

In addition to the current drivers and cars, all the routes from the 2018 racing calendar are of course included. Grand Prix races at the Hockenheimring and the Circuit Paul Ricard are now part of the program. There are also special short versions of the tracks in Silverstone, Austin, Suzuka and Bahrain and a night race version of the street circuit in Monaco.

As always, the developers at Codemasters have once again fine-tuned the graphics and gameplay. For example, the player can now call up hybrid energy manually in order to gain a boost advantage in a duel. The tire model is also new. Those who drive too aggressively are punished with increased wear. In addition, players can now develop their cars further with technical upgrades during a season.

The biggest change compared to the previous versions, however, is the role of the driver off the track. In 'F1 2018' the players have to be ready for inquiries from reporters like the real pilots. If you show yourself in the interviews as a fair sportsman and team player, this can have a positive influence on the player career and improve motivation in the team.

Work has also been done on the multiplayer mode. A kind of super license system should ensure that you meet opponents of the same level class in online races. A clean driving style should be rewarded so that everything runs reasonably fair in the virtual duel.

In the gallery we show the first screenshots of the new 'F1 2018' game, which is available for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC is.


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